Documentation for Crucible 3.0.x. Documentation for other versions is available too.

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Comments can be added at the level of a review, revision, or line. You can also reply to a comment.

On this page:

Locating existing comments

The number beside a filename, in the left-hand panel of a review, indicates the number of comments on that file.

(The number of unread comments, if any, is shown in brackets.)

Screenshot: Comments

Adding comments

There are various types of comments that you can add in Crucible:

To comment on...Do this...
The whole reviewClick General Comments (in the left-hand panel), then Add a general comment (in the 'General Comments' section).
A source file under reviewClick on the file in the left-hand panel, then click Add a file comment at the top of the file.
Lines of code

Click on a line of code in the displayed source file of a review.

  • You can click and drag to select multiple lines, and click individual lines to select or deselect them. The comment will appear in the source at the last line selected. 
  • Hover over the comment to see the lines to which the comment applies.
  • To select text on the page without adding a comment, hold down the Alt key while dragging the cursor.
A revision or changeset

See Changeset discussions.

To reply to a comment, click Reply at the bottom of the comment.

(warning) Only people with the 'Comment' permission can add comments. A comment can only be deleted by the author of the comment.

(info) Read about flagging defects too. 

Screenshot: Adding a Comment

Draft comments

You can save your comment as a draft and then edit it later. When you complete the review, you will be prompted to post, discard or edit any remaining draft comments.

Screenshot: Draft comments


  1. Anonymous

    What is the quickest way to navigate through JUST the unread comments?  We have some reviews that have been open for a while where new comments are being added over time. I want to navigate directly the unread comments without having to review those comments I have already reviewed.

    1. Anonymous

      I just found my answer. The left and right bracket shortcut keys will navigate between unread comments.

  2. Anonymous

    A Crucible Code Review Comments issue:  When a reviewer completed a review, if the author replies with some comments over the reviewer’s comments, the reviewer does not get a notification about the author’s comments unless the reviewer re-open the completed review.  The reviewer is simply not aware of the author has some comments over the previous comment.

    How to solve this issue?

  3. We'd like to use Crucible for collaborative code reviews, but find it to be really really awkward. The problem is that we have a group of N people all entering comments, and when the review is complete most of them should be modified or deleted - yet only the author of the comment can modify it.


    The moderator should really be able to edit and/or delete any comment in a review - after all, they ARE the moderator - which would help a finalized review actually have useful information rather than a bunch of stream of consciousness commentary of unknown and potentially dubious value.


    Does anyone know how to set up permissions for Crucible so a single person can unify and clean up the comments?

    1. Hi there, I've created this feature request –  CRUC-6505 - Getting issue details... STATUS . Please consider voting, and commenting further.

  4. Is it possible to comment on a specific part of a line instead of the whole line? 

    I ask because in some cases it might be simpler to point to the problem that way, such is if accidental use of a comparison operator (< instead of >) in a line which might have a few of them.