Documentation for Crucible 3.0.x. Documentation for other versions is available too.

This page explains how to add reviewers to a new review, after it has been created.
See Creating a review for information about creating reviews.

On this page:

Entering basic information

Once a review has been created, the Edit Review dialog opens: 

In the Edit Review dialog, the author enters information needed for the review. This includes entering a title and description for the review, a due date and the key for a related JIRA issue (if any). The project, moderator and author are pre-selected (for this example, the author should select himself as a moderator.

You must also select reviewers.

Adding and removing reviewers

Before a review can be issued to reviewers, you must decide who can review it. When adding reviewers, you can add registered users immediately. The usernames will auto-complete, showing partial matches before you finish typing. You can quickly select one of the matches shown with the keyboard arrow keys, pressing Enter or Tab to add them to the review.

In addition, you can easily invite external users who do not yet have accounts in Crucible to take part by typing their email address into the Reviewers field.

Adding users to a review

Select users by typing names into the text field under Reviewers. Crucible will show a list of matches. Press Enter to select one after each entry.

Clicking Done will save the review as a draft for later issue.

You can also decide to allow any registered user to add themselves as a reviewer in the review. To enable this option, select Allow anyone to join.

Suggested reviewers

Crucible will automatically suggest reviewers, by analysing the users that have contributed to the files you've selected and also don't have a lot of open reviews. You can easily pick reviewers from the list of suggestions by clicking.

Inviting unregistered users to the review

You can invite users who don't have a Crucible account to join a review.

(warning) There are two prerequisites:

  1. FishEye's SMTP server must be configured and capable of sending email.
  2. The setting Public Signup must be set to ON. Go to the Admin area and click on Authentication, under 'Security Settings', and look in the 'Built-in' section.

To invite an external user to a review:

  1. Create a new review.
  2. On the Create New Review screen, simply type the user's email address into the Reviewers field, then press Enter to select.
  3. Click Save to save the draft review. The users are not sent any information at this time.
  4. When you click Start Review, this is when all email invites and notifications are sent out.
  5. The external user will receive an email address from the Crucible server, containing a special URL that they can visit.
  6. When the user loads the URL they received via email, they are taken to a special Crucible log in screen. On this screen, the user can create a new account that will be linked to the current email address. (If they already have a Crucible account under another address, they can simply sign-in with that username and password.)
  7. When the user has successfully created a Crucible account, they will be able to access the review(s) associated with their email address and take part.

(info) You can enter multiple addresses separated by commas, allowing you to paste in a list of email addresses from your favourite email application.

When finished, the author clicks Save. The review will now be created in a draft form.

Removing reviewers

You can remove reviewers who no longer need to contribute to the review.

Click Edit Details to open the 'Edit Review Details' screen, hover over the reviewer's name, and click the cross.

Checking the draft and starting the review

The draft review opens. In the draft stage, the author can check the contents of the review files to ensure they are correct and put in any notes for reviewers as comments. During the draft phase, no notification email is sent out to reviewers. Once the author is finished with the draft phase, he clicks Start Review.

The review will now be started and notification email will go out to all participants. Crucible will now send out an email notification to all the participants. This lets them know that the review is under way and prompts them to take action, providing a URL for direct access to the review. (You can also subscribe to an RSS feed.)

Screenshot: A newly created Crucible review

Next steps

You can now begin Performing the review.
If you have a moderator controlling your review process, you can move onto Starting a review.


  1. Anonymous

    The little "x" never seems to show up for me when I hover over the name.  I was author and also tried making myself moderator.  Still it didn't seem to show up.

  2. Anonymous

    Found a solution to my previous comment about the "x" not showing up when hovering over the name.  This doesn't appear to work in Internet Explorer but did work with Firefox.

    1. Hi there, do you mind indicating the versions of IE and FF you are using, and the version of Crucible, please? Are you using FishEye with Crucible?  Regards, Paul.

      1. Anonymous

        It looks like I'm using Crucible 2.8 with Fish Eye.  IE version 8.0.7601.17514 and Firefox 17.0.6.

        1. Thanks for those details. That was a known issue, now fixed in Crucible 3.0 – see  CRUC-6226 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  3. user-cdbf1

    When I start a review, by default every team member is included in the review – creates a lot of clicks to remove all but 2. Is there a way you have found to change this?