Documentation for Crucible 3.0.x. Documentation for other versions is available too.

This page explains the roles and status classifications in Crucible.

Roles in Crucible


The author is the person primarily responsible for acting on the outcomes of the review. In the vast majority of cases the author will be the person who made the code change under review.


The creator is the person who creates the review. In most cases this person will also act as moderator. The moderator is the person responsible for creating the review, approving the review, determining when reviewing is finished, summarising the outcomes and closing the review. By default, the moderator is the creator. See also author, the person whose changes to the code are to be reviewed.


A reviewer is a person assigned to review the change. Reviewers can make comments and indicate when they have completed their review. The moderator and author are implicitly considered to be participants of the review, but are not reviewers.


A user is a person using Crucible.

Status Classifications in Crucible


Draft Reviews are not yet completed or released to the reviewers.

Under Review

Reviews Under Review are either waiting for attention by reviewers or waiting to be summarized.


Summarized reviews are past the reviewing phase. The moderator can still add conclusions or comments.


Closed reviews are complete.


Abandoned reviews are 'in the trash'. Reviews must be Abandoned before they can be deleted.

See also the Glossary of terms used in Crucible.

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  1. Anonymous

    Is there a way for one Creator/Moderator's draft PR to be "started" by another person on the team?  Thank you.

    1. Anonymous

      I just learned something new today!  I already am in the Edit Review Details permission, so I didn't know I could make myself become the Moderator for another's draft PR.  I should then be able to click on Start Review.  I will try this out later today.