Documentation for Crucible 3.0.x. Documentation for other versions is available too.

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Crucible has a powerful search engine that allows you to find reviews. There are two methods for searching in Crucible:

  • Quick Search — The Quick Search allows you search all Crucible projects by entering a single search string. This search is the default search and will suggest "quick nav" results (header search box only). Results are weighted by most recent edit date.
  • Filtering Reviews — An alternative method for searching for reviews is to display all reviews and apply a custom filter to the list. This is generally slower than searching, but allows you to specify filter criteria against a range of fields.
  • Comment Search — If you want to find specific review comments, Crucible provides a powerful comment search.

On this page:

Using the Quick Search

Before you begin:

  • The Quick Search will also return changesets and files, if you are using FishEye with Crucible. For information on searching FishEye, see Searching Fisheye in the FishEye documentation.

To search Crucible using the Quick Search:

  1. Enter your search terms in the search box in the Crucible header. Crucible offers a number of criteria that you can use to refine your results, see Refining your Quick Search Criteria below.
  2. Results will appear in a dropdown, as you type. Results will attempt to be matched against the review name, project and user.
    • If you want to use a quick search result, use the up- and down-arrows on your keyboard and press enter or use your mouse to select the item.
    • If the quick search results don't have what you are looking for, press enter to run a search. Ensure that no items in the dropdown are selected when you press enter.
  3. The Quick Search results page will be displayed. You can filter your results further, as described in Filtering Quick Search Results below.
    Results are sorted by relevance and boosted if they were edited recently. A maximum of 10 results are displayed per page.
    • If you have integrated your Crucible instance with a JIRA instance, you can display a summary of any JIRA issues referenced in your search results by hovering over the issue key. For more details, see JIRA integration in Crucible.
  4. If you want to run another search, enter your new criteria in the main search box or in the search box in the header.
    Note, only the search box in the header provides "quick nav" results.

Screenshot: Quick Search displaying "quick nav" matches

Refining your Quick Search Criteria

You can refine your search criteria before executing the search:

Search Tool



Field Handles

Use a field handle in your criteria to restrict your search to a particular field. Note, you cannot have multiple field handles in a query.

  • detail — Search against title, objective, key, linked reviews and linked issues.
  • reviewcomment — Search against review comments.

Searching for Discrete Strings

Enter a specific string within quotation marks and Crucible will match against the exact string. Note, this search is not case-sensitive.

Enter "CR-2818" and Crucible will only return results that match that exact string, i.e. it will not return a result with CR-FE-2818 or CR-28189.

Filtering Quick Search Results

You can filter Quick Search results using the controls in the left panel of the Quick Search page:



All repositoriesType a repository name into the field, or click the down arrow to seea list of repositories.
Source typeClick Files and directories, Commit messages, Diffs, Content or Committers to restrict the search results to just that source type.

All Projects

Select or enter the name of the project that you want to restrict your results to. For example, if you enter 'CR' then the search results page will refresh to display only reviews in the 'CR' project.
(warning) If you are using Fisheye with Crucible, there will be a repositories dropdown in the 'Source' section. Selecting a FishEye repository in this dropdown will not filter the Crucible search results. It is only used to filter files and changesets returned in the search results. See Searching Fisheye.


Click this link to restrict your results to reviews that have a title, objective, key, linked reviews or linked issues that match the search criteria.


Click this link to restrict your results to reviews that have comments that match the search criteria.

Filtering reviews

Crucible allows you to view all the reviews/snippets that you are involved with, as well as everybody's reviews/snippets. You can filter these lists to find reviews.

To filter a list of reviews:

  1. Navigate to the 'Reviews' tab.
  2. Click the list of reviews that you want to start with, in the reviews sidebar of the 'Review Dashboard', e.g. 'All Open Reviews'.
  3. Click the 'Custom Filter' in the reviews sidebar.
  4. Update the filters with your search criteria (see table below) and click 'Apply Filter' to filter the reviews.




    Find reviews by searching for words within the title.


    Find reviews under a particular project.


    Find reviews moderated by a particular authors.


    Find reviews moderated by a particular moderators.


    Find reviews created by a particular creator.


    Find reviews that are reviewed by a particular reviewer. This will default to the user logged in.

    Reviewer Status

    This is reliant on the above filter and is used to show reviews that have either been completed by the reviewer, not completed or all reviews.

    Match Roles

    To use all the above filters, choose 'all'. To use any of the filters, choose 'any'.

    Review state checkboxes

    Check any of the review state checkboxes (e.g. 'Draft', 'Pending Approval') to filter for reviews in those states.

Searching for Review Comments

To search for review comments:

  1. Navigate to the 'Reviews' tab.
  2. Enter your search criteria in the 'Comment Search' section at the bottom of the reviews sidebar.
  3. Click 'Search Comments'.
  4. The 'Comment Search' page will display your results. You can refine your search using the search criteria on the page:


    Find comments on reviews under a particular project.

    Comment content

    Find comments that contains the specified text.

    Review PermaId

    Find comments made on the specified review.


    Find comments made after after a particular date.


    Find comments made after before a particular date.

    Comment Author

    Find comments made by a particular user.

    Search Type

    You can:

  • Tick the 'Defects' check-box to find comments that are flagged as Defects.
  • Tick the 'Comments' check-box to find comments that are not flagged as Defects.
  • Tick neither check-box (or both of them) to find all . ||

    Review State

    Find comments on reviews that are in a particular state. See Review State Filter (above).


    Find defects have been given a particular ranking (e.g. 'Major', 'Minor').

    Requires Re-Review

    Find defects that have been marked as requiring re-review (or not).


    Find defects that have been given a particular classification (e.g. 'Missing', 'Ambiguous').

Screenshot above: Search Comment Filter Options

Displaying Defect Metric Charts for Comment Search Results

Once you have retrieved results for a review comment search, you can click 'Defect Metrics' in the left navigation pane to display defect classification charts.

Screenshot above: Comment Search Results

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