Documentation for Crucible 3.0.x. Documentation for other versions is available too.

This page describes ways that you can use JIRA integration with Crucible reviews.

On this page:

(info) Before you begin, both your Crucible and JIRA instances must be configured to use make use of these JIRA integration features. The Crucible project requires a linked JIRA project before issues can be linked to reviews. Read more.

1. Create your review and link it to a JIRA issue

When creating, or editing, your review, Crucible will suggest a JIRA issue that can be linked to the review, if a JIRA issue key is found in the review title. You can:

  • click the suggested JIRA issue key, to link it to the review
  • delete the suggested JIRA issue and specify a different issue key and click Link to save it.

Screenshot: Selecting a JIRA issue when creating a review

2. Comment, or flag a defect, on the review

You can add a comment to the review. Check Defect when creating the comment if you want to flag this as a defect.

3. Create a JIRA issue from a comment

Click Create Issue in a comment to create a JIRA issue. Crucible suggests the JIRA instance, project and issue type, but you can modify these. This requires JIRA 5.0, or later, and is disabled if Crucible is integrated with an earlier version of JIRA.

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  1. Anonymous

    If I understand this correctly it is possible to create a link between a JIRA issue and a crucible review without having any code commited against the JIRA issue. I'm having problems doing just this. I can create a JIRA issue and then create a review and link the two by using the link field in the crucible review. this creates a link that takes me to the JIRA issue but then there is no link back to the review.

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      You should have a "Reviews" tab on the JIRA issue which will contain a link back to the Crucible review.  In earlier versions of the JIRA Fisheye plugin, this required some configuration, but it should appear automatically if you have JIRA 5.2 or later.  If you don't see this then please raise a support request so we can investigate further.

      EDIT: You will need to be running both Crucible v2.9.0 or later, and JIRA FIshEye Plugin v5.2.8 or later

      Kind Regards,

      Richard Stephens

      1. Anonymous

        After taking a look at the documentation and some forum posts we found a way to create two-way links: when creating the review the issue keys must be mentioned in the review title. this solved our problem though we ended up using commit hooks to create the reviews as code was commited against issues.


        The way the issue link field is named ina review is a bit misleading since using it to create a link seems to be one way only.

        1. Hi Anonymous,

          That's correct prior to 2.9.0 and JIRA FishEye plugin 5.2.8.  We agreed the way that link issue worked was misleading, so we fixed it as part of the latest JIRA FishEye Plugin and Crucible.  If you're using the latest versions, reviews that have that issue key linked will show up in JIRA even if the issue key is not in the review title.

          Kind Regards,
          Richard Stephens


  2. I noticed in the On Demand documentation version of this page, there is talk about being able to create sub-tasks on the linked issue from comments. How do we do this on our own JIRA and Crucible installation?

  3. Hi Maxfield,

    This depends on the versions of JIRA and Crucible that you have.

    Atlassian OnDemand currently runs Crucible 2.7 - see Atlassian OnDemand Application Versions. Crucible versions up to 2.9 support the creation of sub-tasks on a linked issue from review comments - see Using JIRA Integration in Crucible Reviews

    As of Crucible 2.10, sub-task creation from Crucible is deprecated. When used with JIRA 5.0 you can create 'normal' JIRA issues directly from a Crucible 2.10 review comment, without needing a previously linked JIRA issue  - see Crucible 2.10 upgrade guide for details.

    regards, Paul

  4. In the middle of reviewing the Atlassian products Jira, Crucible and FishEye...

    When i review some Git (repo in FishEye) changes i can make a JIRA issue or mark it as a defect. But in the JIRA issue it doesn't show the source code where this issue is about. How to make a link between the bug and the code?  

  5. Anonymous


    Iw opened a case with support but was hoping i could get a faster answer by anyone here. Is there a incompatibility between JIRA 6.0.2 and Crucible 2.8.1? Can't seem to get Oauth connection established, which worked perfect in JIRA 4.4.5

    Kind regards

    Jonas Andersson