Documentation for Crucible 3.0.x. Documentation for other versions is available too.

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This page contains instruction on how to use time tracking in Crucible.

On this page:

How time tracking works in Crucible

Crucible will automatically track the time you spend in a Crucible review. When you open a file for review, a counter in the Review Details panel starts. The time is added to your total when you leave the review screen.

Screenshot: Crucible Time Tracking

How to adjust the time tracked on a review

You can click and type in the time tracking control to adjust the time you have spent during the session.

Viewing the time tracking totals

The 'Details' view shows a summary of the progress and time tracked on each file.

Screenshot: Crucible Tracking Totals

JIRA integration

Using Crucible when integrated with JIRA, you can update time tracking from the following locations:

  • The confirmation dialog for a reviewer completing a review,
  • The confirmation dialog on closing a review,
  • The regular toolbar location in Crucible.

Screenshot: JIRA Time Tracking Integration

Further reading

You may also want to learn about Crucible's Progress Tracking feature.

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