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To display your gadget, you will need a dashboard or other container which supports Atlassian gadgets. These come in different flavours:

  • Developers can use the Atlassian Gadget Reference Implementation.
  • Eventually, you will use an Atlassian application that supports gadgets. At present, there are no Atlassian application production releases that support gadgets. Under current planning, JIRA will be first off the block, closely followed by Confluence.
  • Gmail Labs.
  • iGoogle.
  • Google Apps. See blog post introducing private apps. This means that you can add gadgets to Google Apps from your behind-the-firewall Atlassian application, such as Confluence or JIRA.
  • Try adding your gadget to one of the other OpenSocial containers.
  • The Google OpenSocial Development Environment provides an Eclipse plugin that lets you develop either OpenSocial JavaScript (gadget) client applications or OpenSocial Java client applications using OpenSocial 0.8's REST/RPC protocols, entirely within the Eclipse development environment. See the introductory blog post.

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