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Once you have opened the Bamboo view in Eclipse, you can create a new Mylyn task based on the failure of a specific build. This task could be an JIRA issue, for example.

To add a task from a failed build,

  1. Open the Bamboo view:
    • In the Eclipse toolbar, select 'Window', 'Show View', 'Other'.
    • The 'Show View' popup window appears. Open the 'Atlassian' folder and click 'Bamboo'. (If you have trouble finding the options, try the full instructions with screenshots.)
  2. From the Bamboo view right-click the line showing the build you want, and select 'New Task From Failed Build'.
  3. The 'New Task' dialog opens. Choose a task repository, to determine the task type. This task can be a JIRA issue, for example, as illustrated below. We have chosen a JIRA repository, as shown in screenshot 2.
  4. Click 'Next'.
  5. The 'New JIRA Task' dialog opens, as shown in screenshot 3 below. Select the project for your task/issue.
  6. Click 'Finish'.
  7. The JIRA issue opens in the Eclipse editor, as shown in screenshot 4 below. Many of the issue details are already present, based on the details of the failed build. Enter or update any further details as required.
  8. Click 'Submit'.

Diagram 1: Various ways to add a task from a failed Bamboo build

Adding task for failed build

Screenshot 2: Selecting a task repository for the new task

Screenshot 3: Selecting a project for the new task

Screenshot 4: Adding issue details for the new task


Working with Bamboo Builds in Eclipse

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