As of June 1, 2015, the IDE Connector documentation will no longer be maintained by Atlassian. See for more information. We will also be making this documentation available for our open source community here:

The Atlassian Connector for Eclipse allows you to monitor, add and update JIRA issues while remaining in your integrated development environment.

Before reading the information below, please make sure that you have installed the Atlassian Connector for Eclipse, as described in the installation guide, and defined a task repository for at least one JIRA server, as described in the configuration guide.

Configuration Guide

For information on setting up your JIRA server in Eclipse, please read the configuration guide.

On this page:

Creating a Query

The first step is to connect to a JIRA repository.

To connect to a JIRA repository,

  1. Make the Task Repositories view visible using the menu Window > Show View > Other and select Tasks -> Task Repositories.
  2. Click the 'Add Task Repository' icon in the toolbar of the view.

    A wizard for setting the repository properties is displayed.
  3. Choose JIRA (supports 3.4 and later) from the list of connectors and select Next. The 'JIRA Repository Settings' screen will display:
  4. Enter the URL of your JIRA instance as the 'Server' URL (e.g. '').
  5. Enter the label for the JIRA instance (e.g. 'JAC'). This will display in your Eclipse IDE for the JIRA instance.
  6. Enter your 'User ID' and 'Password' for the JIRA instance.
  7. Click the 'Validate Settings' button to verify that the entered credentials are valid.
  8. Select Finish to create the repository. You will then be prompted to create a query.
  9. Click 'Yes' to start creating a new query.

To create a new query,

  1. 'Create query using form' will be selected by default. Click Next. On the query creation, Mylyn will download the repository configuration which can take a few minutes. The 'Edit Repository Query' window will display. Enter the following information:
    • Enter a Query Title that for your query.
    • Choose search parameters that define the query.
  2. Click the Finish button to add the query to your task list.

The Java perspective displays the task list in the upper right section of the workbench. If it is not visible go to Window > Show View > Other and select Tasks > Task List. The task list shows the list of tasks that match the query. The blue arrow icons indicate that the task have incoming changes. Double clicking a task will bring up the task editor.

Screenshot: Task List

The task editor displays the attributes, description and comments of a JIRA issue and allows you to edit the issue.

Screenshot: Task Editor

Creating a New Issue

To create a new issue,

  1. Click the 'New Task' icon in toolbar of the Task List. The 'New Task' wizard will display.
  2. Choose your repository (e.g. 'JAC') from the list of repositories.
  3. Select Next to and choose a project from the list of projects.
  4. Select Finish to open the editor for entering task details.

Screenshot: Creating an issue in Eclipse

Viewing an Issue

To view an issue in Eclipse,

  1. Open the 'Task List' in Eclipse if it is not already opened, i.e. Click 'Window' -> 'Show View' -> 'Other' -> 'Tasks' -> 'Task List'. The queries that you have set up will be displayed.
  2. Click the arrow next to the query to show the list of issues returned by the query.
  3. Find the desired issue and double-click it. The issue will be displayed in Eclipse.

Screenshot: Viewing an issue in Eclipse

Starting/Stopping Work on an Issue

You can start work on an issue in Eclipse by activating it in your IDE. This assigns the issue to you and starts progress on it.

To start work on an issue,

  1. Open an issue in Eclipse. The issue will be displayed.
  2. Click the icon ('Start Work in JIRA and Activate Task'). The icon will be indented. This will also do the following:
    • Activates the issue in Eclipse.
    • Assigns the issue to you in JIRA.
    • Transitions the issue to 'In Progress' in JIRA (in the default JIRA workflow).
      (info) If you log work on an issue, it will automatically calculate and suggest the period of time from when you first activated the issue. Please note, you need to enable time tracking in Mylyn for this ('Windows' -> 'Preferences' -> 'Tasks' in Eclipse).
  3. To stop work on an issue, simply click the indented icon. This will do the following:
    • Deactivates the issue in Eclipse.
    • Transitions the issue back to 'Open' in JIRA (in the default JIRA workflow).

Refer to the JIRA documentation for more information about JIRA functionality.


  1. Anonymous

    is there a way to create a query/filter for all issues that i am observer of?

    1. You have to define on JIRA side a saved filter (query) using watchedIssues JQL function (available since JIRA 4.0) - see here for details.
      Then you can just add a custom query in Eclipse choosing this just defined saved filter.

  2. I can't push button "Start Work in Jira and Activate Task" because is disabled. Help me!

    1. Make sure that you use the standard JIRA workflow. You could also assign the issue to yourself and see if it helps.
      In case it does not work, feel free to raise a support request and share more details of your problem.

      1. Anonymous

        So what if the project does not use the standard JIRA workflow? Does that mean this feature will not work?

        1. Yes, this feature won't work. You can do various crazy things with JIRA workflows. We cannot predict and support all possibilities (especially if your workflow has no notion of "in progress" and start/stop work transitions).

          Still task activation alone and workflow transitions will be supported.

  3. Anonymous

    Can I access a public shared query/filter defined in the JIRA web app that a different user from the one I am using with the atlassian connector from eclipse?

    For example, if I create either a public shared or private query/filter in the web app, I can see those as query selections in Mylyn's Task List view.  If someone else, such as a technical lead, creates a filter I cannot see his public shared query in eclipse but I can in the JIRA web app.  The Technical Lead cannot see my shared queries in his eclipse.

    Is this intended functionality?

    1. It's just not yet supported. I've raised an issue for that. Feel free to vote and/or comment.
      The more feedback we get from the users about such request, the more chance it that we will actually implement it.

  4. user-aaf43

    We are using this and it's great! However, when we select "Stop Work" for a task some users get a "Log Work Done" dialog allowing them to Stop and Log Work in Jira whereas for other users it simply deactivates the task with no time tracking. We all have the same version of eclipse, is this some configuration issue?

    1. user-aaf43

  5. Anonymous


    I am getting "errors : customfields_10060=package required" error while updating JIRA using eclipse. What I am missing

    1. Anonymous


      Not sure what exactly you are asking for.Tell the Eclipse Version like Helio,Galileo thet i will help u..

  6. Anonymous


    Reg:ERROR:customfields_10060=package required

    Not sure what exactly you are asking for.Tell the Eclipse Version like Helio,Galileo thet i will help u..


  7. Anonymous


    I can't seem to find a way to add/remove watchers... Would have expected them in the People section, but it only has Assigned To and Reported By.

  8. Anonymous

    Is there any plan to make the dependency of issues visible?
    It would be great if I could see "depends on" relations as children in the tree.

    Today this only seems to work for subtasks for which there is only the possibility of one level depth or is there a deeper level hierarchie in a newer JIRA version (we still use version 3.x)?

  9. Anonymous

    I can't connect with my jira server. I checked every entry several time and i can't see any mistake. But there is always the error message "Remote host closed connection during handshake". I turned the rpc calls "on" on jira-side.

    Can someone help me?

  10. Anonymous

    Hi, I'm trying to create a custom query to list all JIRA issues whose 'summary' field contains a '#' followed by a 5-digit number; this is so I can show a separate task list in Eclipse of the issues logged on our customer's bug-tracking tool which uses this 5-digit number.  My text search query field contains #[10000 TO 99999] and only the 'summary' box is ticked.  I do get a list, but there are many other issues included which do not conform to the text pattern. For example: While the issue with the summary "#10702: External FTP restrictions" is correctly listed, the issue with the summary "Verify UC 4.6" should be excluded from the list.

    Can someone advise how to best configure my query?

    Many thanks.

  11. Hi,

    I am currently evaluating the connector for Eclipse and want to know more about the ability to "start work" on an issue that has a custom workflow.  I found this in a release note for 3.0.1 ( that suggests that Atlassian have...

    "loosened restrictions and now the start/stop work on JIRA issue button works not only with standard workflow but also with some non-standard cases" 

    I am using JIRA 4.4.1 with Eclipse connector version 3.0.2.

    I can't find any more details on the 'loosening'.  Is there something I need to configure in a non-standard workflow to allow the "start work" to be enabled?  Withough this feature, there seems to be only very limited management of change sets for the SVN commits and for the auto insertion of commit comments, both iof which would be useful if it is possible to get them enabled in anything other than the shipped default workflow.

    Many thanks


  12. Commit:



    We support only standard workflow but you may of course try to play with non-standard one.

    We use standard JIRA transitions and issue states to enable Start/Stop work action so your modified workflow should be based on the standard one and contain standard transitions (we check their ID's so it is not enough to create new one with the same name as in the original).

  13. Anonymous

    Is it possible to not make tasks disappear when I doubleclick them? Right now, when I want to look at the details, they disappear because they're set to read. To make them appear again, I have to mark all unread on the query. I would just like them to tag (say-bold for unread, non-bold for read) instead of disappear.

    How can I do this?

    1. Hi,

      I don't understand  your case. Can you describe it in more details? Where do you have your tasks located? Is it a Task List?

      I don't know what kind of filter you have applied but by default tasks in the Tasks List view do not disappear. The unread tasks are marked with blue arrow. When I double click a task it becomes read (blue arrow disappears) and gets open in the Task Editor. Nothing more, it is still visible in the Task List.

      The task is presented in bold when it is active and marked with the blue/purple dot.



  14. Hi,

    we are using JIRA to log work and set remaining of issues. With Eclipse Connector in issue editor mode inside Eclipse I cannot find a field to set exact value for remaining estimate. The only way is to log work and set original estimate manually. Unfortunately we also use original estimate, so we cannot change that.


    Is it planned for the future to have a field for directly editing the remaining value of an issue?


    Thanks a lot!


    1. Hi Andras,

      The remaining estimate can be auto-adjusted (decreased) according to your time worked. We do not plan to add a field for remaining estimate in the issue editor. Look at the picture:

      There is possibility to enter exact remaining estimate if you use 'Start/Stop' work feature. Take a look at the next screenshot:



      1. Hi Jacek,


        thank you very much for your answer!

        When pressing the highlighted button ("Start work..." / "Stop work...") the issue is activated or stopped, but the above Log Work Done dialog is not showing. What am I doing wrong? (smile)

        (Atlassian Connector version: 3.0.6.v20120628, Eclipse version:  3.7.2.M20120208-0800)


        Thank you and regards,


        1. Hi Andras,

          You need to activate time tracking in Mylyn settings, just go Settings | Mylyn and mark the appropriate checkbox.



  15. Anonymous

    When resolving an issue the plugin seems to automatically re-assign it to the "Reported by" user.

    Can this be deactivated?

    Where can I find a good read on "Standard JIRA Workflow" ? All I can find is just some simply transition diagram with no description on standard/implicit actions/behavior.

  16. When resolving an issue the plugin seems to automatically re-assign it to the "Reported by" user.

    Isn't that configured on your JIRA side? Atlassian Connector for Eclipse does not change Reporter field if not asked explicitly.

    1. Anonymous

      Thanks for the info and sorry for asking. I talked to my Jira-Admin, and indeed it is a server-side settings.

  17. Anonymous

    Hello. I'm using the JIRA connector and for me that is amazing  But there is one thing that I don't find where I can do it. I can easy start work or stop work with log, but how can I resolve an issue? The only way I found to do it is opening the task... Can't it be done in somemore  easy way like stop work (but not to stop but to resolve the issue)?

  18. Hi,

    Unfortunately the only way to resolve an issue is to open editor and jump to Actions section at the bottom of the editor. You can Resolve Issue there, set resolution and Submit task to make your changes live.

    If you like to make it available from other place then feel free to raise a feature request at


  19. Anonymous

    Hello, I use JIRA to create an issue and then assgin it to the correct person in eclipse. But the list shows the person's username,can it shows username and fullname?

  20. What list do you mean? Can you attach a screenshot? Please also rise an issue at

  21. Is there a way to assign an issue to another user using their full/partial name? When I enter the full name I get an error suggesting that the server is down (connection issue), but once I correct it to their login ID it works. However, some of the users have login IDs that are abbreviations or nick names. It would be nice to get a drop down list to pick the user, but a search field would suffice.

    1. Is there a way to assign an issue to another user using their full/partial name?

      Unfortunately no. You must provide user id.

      I get an error suggesting that the server is down (connection issue)

      What is your Atlassian Connector version? In latest version 3.2 the error message says: User 'Name' cannot be assigned issues.

      It would be nice to get a drop down list to pick the user, but a search field would suffice.

      That is a nice feature request but we must have more people interested in this one before we start implementation. Please vote: PLE-1323


  22. Anonymous

    I need some help, I've connected the connector and can access my teams Atlassian OD JIRA account, but the connector never fills in any tasks. I know its connected properly because it lists all our projects and such in the Query screen however syncing the query results in an error.


    This is the error log.

    java.vendor=Sun Microsystems Inc.
    BootLoader constants: OS=win32, ARCH=x86_64, WS=win32, NL=en_GB
    Framework arguments: -product
    Command-line arguments: -os win32 -ws win32 -arch x86_64 -product
    Thu Apr 18 20:13:38 BST 2013
    Synchronization for connector 'jira' failed
    java.lang.LinkageError: com/google/common/base/Optional
    at com.atlassian.connector.eclipse.internal.jira.core.service.JiraClient.findIssues(
    at com.atlassian.connector.eclipse.internal.jira.core.service.JiraClient.findIssues(
    at com.atlassian.connector.eclipse.internal.jira.core.JiraRepositoryConnector.performQuery(
    at org.eclipse.mylyn.internal.tasks.core.sync.SynchronizeQueriesJob.synchronizeQuery(
    at org.eclipse.mylyn.internal.tasks.core.sync.SynchronizeQueriesJob.synchronizeQueries(
    at org.eclipse.mylyn.internal.tasks.core.sync.SynchronizeRepositoriesJob.updateQueries(



    Help please!


    1. Hi,

      Please use following url to raise issues:

      Have you done anything with your Eclipse recently, upgrade maybe? If yes then I would suggest to start it with -clean flag in order to reset OSGI cache.

      If not then please let me know what is plugin version installed in your Eclipse.




      1. Anonymous

        Thanks Jacek for getting back to me but after using -clean problem still exists.


        I don't know what is.

        The main plugins I have are the android plugin and the Blackberry BB10 for android plugin. I can make a bug report if you want

        1. You can check your Guava version in Eclipse Installation Details (screenshot attached).

          Have you done anything with your Eclipse recently, upgrade maybe?


          1. Anonymous

            same as yours.

            No nothing recent, I did install the Marketplace version but it wouldn't connect(seams slightly out of date compared to the update site) so I uninstalled and tried the update site one, this connects but won't get any tasks.

            is an image of my installed plugins


  23. Anonymous

    Hi Jacek,

    Am getting when i try to configure my JIRA Repository settings. But the server that I use is a valid one and I am able to access it via browser, also other credentials that I use are also valid. Do have any idea as to why this might happen?

    1. The first thing I would check is proxy. Is it configured in your browser?

      Can you also try to open command line (cmd.exe on Windows) and try to ping hostname?


  24. Anonymous

    Hi Jacek,


    I have done my proxy settings properly and I am able to connect to the JIRA dashboad via the internal browser in eclipse.

    Only while setting up JIRA repository configurations I am getting the error -

    My server name starts as https://...

    Say my userid/pwd is priya/abc123

    And say my http authentication pwd is rajen/priya123


    Would there be any issues because the JIRA authentication and http authentication is different?



    1. Would there be any issues because the JIRA authentication and http authentication is different?

      Yes. It is not possible to access JIRA with Eclipse Connector 3.1+ (including current 3.2.1) when http auth credentials are different from JIRA credentials (it is not possible to define http auth credentials separately in Connector 3.1+)

      Also make sure you have 'Use global network connection preferences' checked in Poxy preferences for Task Repository or define your proxy correctly in the dialog.




  25. Anonymous

    Hi Jacek,

    I have one more query,

    If I don't use 'Use global network connection preferences' but am defining the proxy in the dialog, is it mandatory that the JIRA server  authentication details and the proxy authentication details be same?




    1. is it mandatory that the JIRA server  authentication details and the proxy authentication details be same?

      No. You can set different credentials for JIRA and PROXY.

  26. Anonymous

    Hi Jacek,

    I am getting the below error while configuring my JIRA settings,

     com.sun.jersey.api.client.ClientHandlerException: com.sun.jersey.api.client.ClientHandlerException: Stream

     I have given my server details and proxy details properly in the dialog. Do you have any idea why this might be happening?



    1. Too few details to say anything precisely.

      Is there anything in the error log?

      Is that possible to bypass proxy and access JIRA directly? This way we could check if JIRA connection is OK.

      If you open support case at then we will be able to share private information securely  and attach files easily.


  27. Anonymous


    Im using the JIRA connector and everything works fine except, that from time to time all my queries are gone in the task list view. As a result I have an "zombie" changeset entry like "Name of the JIRA issue (http:url/jira-somenumber)" in the team synchronizing perspective.

    Why is does it clear my task list?


    1. There is probably something wrong with your workspace. All the information regarding queries and tasks is stored in the .metadata/.mylyn subdirectory. You should not remove it.


      1. Anonymous

        Hi Jacek,

        Yes, I figured that out too. After updating my issue the changeset was gone.

        My question is: Why is my task list containing all my JIRA-queries (filters) cleared after I relaunch eclipse?

        1. Do you relaunch your Eclipse and start with the same workspace? That is crucial as all information regarding queries is stored per workspace. If you switch workspace then you can't see queries defined for the other one.

          Mylyn is responsible for serializing/deserializing all the information.

          1. Anonymous

            Humm... I always use the same workspace...

            Either its something triggered by JIRA over the connector or a Mylyn missconfiguration/bug.

            Hope it doesnt happen too often...

            1. Does it happen every time you relaunch Eclipse (is it reproducible)? If yes can you make a copy of .metadata/.mylyn directory before Eclipse shutdown, after shutdown (before launch) and after launch and then compare the content of these three snapshots? I wonder when and how the content is changed.

              Do you have anything in the Eclipse error log? Maybe there is some issue with writing to the directory and after Eclipse shutdown Mylyn loses everything what it has in memory.

              Do you have any process/build or anything what can clear your .metadata/.mylyn directory?


  28. Anonymous

    Are there any plans to add JIRA Issue Links within Eclipse?


    1. Can you elaborate what you mean by 'JIRA Issue Links within Eclipse'?


      1. Anonymous

        When viewing an Issue, there is the section labeled 'Issue Links' which is used log important links relative to the issue. In my case these are often links to the webpage where the issue occurs (Web Developer). Currently, I am not seeing this within Eclipse and must open the website to view these.

        1. Indeed links to the external sites are not displayed in Eclipse. Links between issues work fine though.

          I have added feature request. Please watch it and comment if you like: Unable to locate Jira server for this macro. It may be due to Application Link configuration.


  29. Anonymous

    I was wondering if it is possible to create a task via the eclipse connector without setting its priority. The intention behind this is that in our project the reporter should not decide what priority a task has. That is the job of the project manager. Thus, the Priority field has been removed from the create task screen in JIRA.

    When creating a new Task in Eclipse, all fields of a task are shown, including the ones that should only be set by the project manager, such as priority. It is possible to simply leave most of them empty, but the priority is always set to "normal" and there is no way to not set it when submitting the task. Thus I always get the error message "Submit failed: Field 'priority' cannot be set. It is not on the appropriate screen, or unknown'.

    So how do I create a task without giving it a priority?

    Best regards,


    1. Hi,

      Unfortunately it is not possible at the moment. Issue create editor contains hard-coded information and does not reflect Issue Create screen from JIRA.

      Please vote and watch following related issue to be notified when this feature becomes available: Unable to locate Jira server for this macro. It may be due to Application Link configuration.


  30. Whoever may be looking for IntelliJ IDEA (PyCharm, WebStorm, PhpStorm, RubyMine, AppCode) JIRA integration, it works identically to the Eclipse plugin.

    1. The integration can be extended even more with Atlassian Connector for IntelliJ IDE: