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JIRA's Subversion integration lets you see Subversion commit information relevant to each issue. Subversion integration can be implemented either by using Atlassian FishEye or the Subversion add-on. The FishEye integration offers greater scalability, insight and flexibility into your source code and related integration with JIRA, however both solutions allow you to link JIRA to related code changes in Subversion.

Commits will appear in this tab if the commit log mentions the issue key ('TEST-3' above).


  1. Are there currently any JQL statements that could include information from this Subversion integration?


  2. Hi, We are using the JIRA Subversion plugin version We are unable to find the sort order option at the top right side as shown in the above screenshot. Please help.

  3. Anonymous

    Fisheye, or Subversion plugin (Drop in Extension) is mentioned, but there are no details as to the Subversion plugin.

  4. Anonymous

    Can we integrate remotely located svn repository into JIRA?

    ex: Lets say we have two machines, Machine-A and Machine-B. In Machine-A we have deployed JIRA tool and Machine-B we have configured Subversion repository. Can we integrated Machine-B repository into JIRA?

  5. Anonymous

    Can we have an answer "Can we integrate remotely located svn repository into JIRA?"?

    1. We do it.  You have to configure the link, which is just a url.

  6. Are there any plans to upgrade this plugin to be compatible with JIRA 6? As well into a v2 or 3 plugin? This is what is stopping us from upgrading at this time.

  7. Where's the JIRA 6.0 compatible plugin? We could really do with it.

  8. Anonymous

    just wrote a pre commit hook to force users to enter issue key and wrote a post commit hook using JIRA python api to update issue with all the changes done in the commit... damn simple!

    1. Anonymous

      Can you share this info?

    2. Anonymous

      Hi Anon,


      Can you share this with the group please?


      Thanks in advance.

  9. Anonymous

    Your link to "greater scalability, insight and flexibility" is broken and goes nowhere. Does this need to be updated?

  10. The Subversion ALM add-on bundles an improved version of the Atlassian JIRA Subversion plug-in supporting/fixing all the most popular request/bugs not yet resolved in the Atlassian's version:

    among other advanced features (comment from the author of the Subversion ALM add-on)

  11. what is the licencie of Subversion ALM ?

  12. Currently, Subversion ALM is commercial free of charge.

  13. Kinto Soft could you show me where I could find the terms of use?.