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Atlassian JIRA's support for Stash is built into the FishEye plugin that is bundled with JIRA. This allows you to see all of your code changes in one place, even if you're running multiple Atlassian FishEye and Stash servers.

Supported JIRA versions

If you're using a version of JIRA earlier than 5.0.3 you may need to upgrade the FishEye plugin in JIRA to get support for Atlassian Stash.

JIRA 4.3.x Upgrade Note

When upgrading the plugin in JIRA 4.3.x you may see a "zip file closed" error message in the logs. This can be ignored. See "IllegalStateException: zip file closed" when upgrading JIRA Fisheye Plugin in JIRA 4.3 for more details.

Pull request JIRA issues dialog

The display of details for JIRA issues relies on the JIRA 5.0 REST API. Issue details are not displayed when Stash in integrated with JIRA versions earlier than 5.0.

Upgrade guide

To upgrade the plugin, copy the link from the table above that matches your JIRA version. Then navigate in JIRA to Administration > Plugins.

Next, select the Install Plugins tab and click Upload Plugin.

Now paste the URL copied from the table above into the From this URL field, and click Upload.

You should see that the plugin is installed. Now you can continue integrating Atlassian Stash with your JIRA server. See JIRA integration for details.

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