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5-Feb-2014Atlassian Stash - Git workflows in the enterpriseJens Schumacher, Group Product Manager for Developer Tools at Atassian, talks about Git workflows in the Enterprise.Jens SchumacherAtlassian
4-Sept-2013Atlassian Enterprise - JIRA WebinarThis is a recording of the Atlassian Enterprise JIRA Webinar. This semi-annual webinar is focused on new developments in JIRA that impact our enterprise customers. Participation in live the webinar sessions is exclusive to Atlassian Enterprise customers of JIRA. Learn more at http://www.atlassian.com/enterprise

Bartek Gatz

Bryan Rollins

10-July-2013Atlassian Enterprise - Stash WebinarThis is the first webinar of the semi-annual Atlassian Enterprise series focused on the latest updates and ongoings in the world of Stash specifically related to our large, enterprise customer deployments. Participation in live the webinar sessions is an exclusive benefit for Atlassian Enterprise customers of Stash. Learn more at http://www.atlassian.com/enterpriseJens SchumacherAtlassian
15-May-2013JIRA Security and Permissions ManagementIn this Enterprise Technical Workshop, we'll look at an overview of the JIRA Security model and overall security and permissions management. Christopher Pepe, long time Atlassian expert with Praecipio Consulting, walks us through the major components of the JIRA security architecture with this technical workshop on JIRA Security and Permissions Management.Christopher PepePraecipio
3-Apr-2013Atlassian Enterprise - Confluence Webinar

This is the first webinar of the semi-annual Atlassian Enterprise series focused on the latest updates and ongoings in the world of Confluence specifically related to our large, enterprise customer deployments. Participation in live the webinar sessions is an exclusive benefit for Atlassian Enterprise customers of Confluence. Learn more at http://www.atlassian.com/enterprise

Bill ArconatiAtlassian
26-Mar-2013Agile Concepts with JIRA & GreenHopper

An introduction to Scrum and Kanban and how iteration and flow based workflows can be implemented in Atlassian GreenHopper. Covering the new GreenHopper Boards, Epics and Sprints along with the three new modes Planning, Working and Reporting. You will leave the session understanding how your team can use GreenHopper to become agile.

Roger SymondsCustomware
13-Feb-2013Atlassian Enterprise - JIRA WebinarThis is a recording of the Atlassian Enterprise JIRA Webinar. This semi-annual webinar is focused on new developments in JIRA that impact our enterprise customers. Participation in live the webinar sessions is exclusive to Atlassian Enterprise customers of JIRA. Learn more at http://www.atlassian.com/enterprise

Bryan Rollins

Ken Olofsen

12-Nov-2012Enterprise User ManagementIn this guide, we'll look at the intricacies of User Management systems in JIRA and Confluence. We will also go through the ins and outs of the internal directory, as well as the common integration scenarios with external LDAP. Finally we'll discuss some of the considerations that Atlassian administrators should keep in mind when growing the user base of their organisation.Tim WongAtlassian


Agile at Scale: GreenHopper for Large Organisations

In this webinar, we look at the best ways to use GreenHopper for both large organisations and teams that wish to scale. With advice and guidance direct from the GreenHopper team, following these steps will make sure you can get the most out of GreenHopper whilst keeping JIRA running smoothly.

Chris LePetit


15-Aug-2012Atlassian Enterprise - JIRA WebinarAs part of the new Atlassian Enterprise offering for JIRA, we introduced a semi-annual webinar series focused on the latest updates and ongoings in the world of JIRA specifically related to our large, enterprise customer deployments. This webinar is exclusive for JIRA Enterprise customers, but for the first edition we decided to share it with everyone so you can get an idea of the direction we’re going with our Enterprise offerings for JIRA.Bryan RollinsAtlassian

Voice of the Customer Webinars

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Company ____________________


JIRA with an IT Consultant

Gregory Kneller, IT Consultant, helps companies arrange effective collaboration on projects and tasks. This is a fantastic overview to JIRA and its numerous use cases!
Gregory walked us through his use of JIRA for general business purposes. He uses JIRA for sharing project documents, tracking work, time and user roles as well as for business intelligence. Gregory covered his implementation approach and user training. He also explains how JIRA has helped pave the agile road towards BPMS.

Gregory Kneller

Self employed


Designing JIRA Workflows

Solid process design is an important part of any software development project. Communicating your processes builds client confidence and provides clarity around scope and issue timeframes. This webinar covered process design and implementation using JIRA's powerful Workflow editor.
Jason Imms, Insight4's Quality Assurance Team Leader, presented his JIRA workflows which ensure a high level quality of software and approach to client communication, documentation and consultation.

Jason Imms



Confluence for Knowledge Management and Good Wiki Adoption Tips

Charles River Analytics (www.cra.com) is a small research & development company delivering innovative solutions through intelligent systems. In the video below, Brad Rosenberg, Charles River Senior Scientist and wiki evangelist, shares 1) how his company uses Confluence for knowledge management and team project collaboration, and 2) how a small group fosters wiki adoption, engagement and support.

Brad Rosenberg

Charles River Analytics


OneLogin - one-click access to your apps 

An integration webinar - Thomas Pedersen, CEO and co-founder of OneLogin, demonstrated how their integration can give you one-click access to all your web apps, both cloud-based and behind the firewall. We learned how you can configure shared logins, directory integration, two-factor authentication as well as integration with in-house applications. OneLogin currently integrates with over 500 apps, and the list is growing on a daily basis!Even if you don't feel security is a major concern for your organization, software engineers can benefit tremendously in terms of convenience as they often must manage many different logins for collaboration, documentation, issue trackingproject management, monitoring, app management, version control, etc as well as many different instances of their application.

Thomas Pedersen



Developing vxVistA.org with the Atlassian Suite

Using the Atlassian suite of products and plugins, DSS Inc, with the help of Open Health Tools and CustomWare, developed a collaboration environment to support a Healthcare Open Source Community known as vxVistA.  This new collaboration environment has been created to foster and support the use of VistA and is intended to be the focal point around which a new open source community will form. DSS Inc integrated multiple plugins like Balsamiq, Gliffy, Adaptavist Community Bubbles, TaskDock, ad hoc workflows, etc.

Fabian Lopez

DSS, Inc


Zend Framework and many Atlassian Tools

Zend Framework, arguably the most popular PHP framework available, uses JIRA and Confluence as developer tools to help manage issues, feature requests, and our proposal workflow.

Matthew Weier O'Phinney

Zend Framework


JIRA & FishEye for Agile SaaS Companies

Backstop successfully manages a regular and rapid release cycle using JIRA, Fisheye, and some other tools. Some of those other tools were made in-house; come learn about the integrations with Atlassian's tools.

Chris Brown

Backstop Solutions Group


Designing for Adoption - Customising Confluence

HeadShift gives a great presentation discussing barriers of wiki adoption. They showcase past client issues, design requirements, and how they have helped these clients overcome the adoption issue.

James Dellow



Project Zeus - enterprise cloud computing

Contegix talks about their enterprise cloud computing service called Zeus, based on VMWare's powerful ESX hypervisors, with a custom API built on top.

Matt Porter



SharePoint Connector for JIRA

CustomWare talks about a number of their plugins, including SharePoint Connector for JIRA, Salesforce.com plugins for JIRA and Confluence, and the Vault plugin to encrypt and store data securely in Confluence, using PGP.

Stafford Vaughan



Meet Fireball - The Collaboration Appliance

Mat Gauvin, COO of Appfire, recently showcased Fireball, the collaboration appliance built for our software. Fireball provides a cost-effective solution for organizations of any size looking to collaborate, fast.

Mat Gauvin



Scrum with JIRA, Confluence, Clover and FishEye


Jeff Schilling

S1 Enterprise


Agile Best Practices with Atlassian Tools


Oren Teich

Replicate Technologies


Confluence, Crowd and other web 2.0 tools

Walton Smith helped create Hello.bah.com, a platform combining 'best of breed enterprise 2.0 tools' which utilizes Confluence. He goes on to say that there has been over 30% buy-in from their 21K+ employees in about 7 months!

Walton Smith

Boooz Allen Hamilton


Confluence & 80k+ Global Consultants

Accenture sharing how over 90K of his colleagues use their internal instance of Confluence.  13K pages (125K+ versions!), 15K attachments, 1000+ active authors.

Nicolas Peeters



SunSpace: Confluence and 21k+ users

An overview of SunSpace which is an amalgamation of plugins and macro mashups built on Confluence. SunSpace has over 25K users, 400+ communities, and grew over 10x in 6 months!

Peter Reiser

Sun Microsystems


Confluence for Development and Documentation


Jon Hertzig



JIRA on a large scale

Polycom has 115K issues, 3K total users, 310 custom fields, 120 projects, and 70 workflows. This load has raised issues of search, security, scalability, etc.

Joanna Thurman



Confluence and over 17k Global Consultants

BearingPoint implemented Confluence from the ground up to over 16,000 co-workers across the globe. Nate promotes organic advocacy and states their wiki was started by users for users, not by IT, though they are now on board. BearingPoint's current wiki started in a basement on a personal laptop and has since grown to a 2-node cluster with over 11K pages. He shows off how they use the wiki along with numerous macros and plugins they have implemented.

Nate Nash



Developing with JIRA, FishEye and Confluence

Dash uses JIRA, Confluence, FishEye and Crucible integrated together and with 3rd party tools. They do automated release notes creation with JIRA and Covarity, use Atlassian plugins and macros along with Ruby code to connect different products, and have gotten immediate value from Crucible code reviews.

Patrick Coleman


Plugin of the Month Webinars

Date Aired _______

Presentation Topic __________________________________


Presenter ____________________

Company ____________________

19-Oct-2011Confluence Dashboard Plugin

The Confluence Dashboards plugin makes the perfect dashboard or landing page for your Confluence Wiki. It allows you to aggregate all of the key information on a personalised, customisable page. Whether it be RSS feeds, Wiki pages, macros or OpenSocial Gadgets, they can all be added to the page, which you can arrange however you want. Learn how to save yourself time and effort in finding and keeping up with the important information on your Wiki by joining us for a webinar about the Confluence Dashboards plugin.

Gareth WilsonAdaptavist
06-Sep-2011Hierarchy in JIRA with the Structure PluginStructure introduces Issue Hierarchy in JIRA, making it a better tool for Project Management, Requirements Management and other activities of the software development cycle where hierarchy is essential.Igor SeredaALM Works


Upgrade Assistant for JIRA and Confluence

The Upgrade Assistant plugins for Confluence & JIRA transform the challenging process of Atlassian upgrades into an easy wizard anyone can use. The Upgrade Assistant for Confluence (UAC) and JIRA (UAJ) guide you through an easy step-by-step process to quickly upgrade your Atlassian deployment to a newer version.
The wizard-based process helps you to select a recommended new Atlassian release, follow a clear set of activities and then automate your upgrade. Just restart, test, and your done!

Randall Ward



SQLFeed for JIRA

SQLFeed is a JIRA plugin developed by Valiantys, Atlassian partner, which dramatically increases the integration possibilities of JIRA. It enables you to import values from any SQL Database, so you can query your CMDB (Configuration Management DataBase) to display technical information in JIRA, query your Service Catalogue, in a service desk context, or query your CRM (Customer Relationship Management)-like SugarCRM-to display commercial information in your issues.

Alice Pailard



Skinning Confluence with Zen

Zen Foundation delivers attractive and easy-to-use collaboration for non-technical online communities. With strong branding and graphic design, Zen puts rich presentation options and content design widgets at your fingertips. Plus, Zen's multi-page draft/preview and publication features gives new users the safety and freedom to experiment, while improving the quality of published content.

Darryl Duke

Stepstone Technologies


Scroll Office - Generate sophisticated Word docs out of Confluence

In this webinar we take a deep look into Scroll Office, a Confluence plugin that allows you to collaborate and author your documentation in the wiki and generate beautifully styled Word documents with a single click.

Tobias Anstett



Zephyr & JIRA for Test Management

Zephyr and its optimized, true 2-way integration with JIRA provides teams with more testing time. There may never be enough testing time, but Zephyr and JIRA are providing teams with close to 100 more hours of testing time per ten person team.

Keith Cook & Sanjay Zalavadia



Distributed Parallel Development with JIRA and Plastic SCM

Modern version control systems are all about branching and merging but with a clear purpose in mind: develop in parallel. If your underlying SCM is powerful enough (Git, Plastic SCM) then you can even go further and associate every issue or new functionality in JIRA with a branch, so you're able to perfectly isolate changes. Discover how to implement the branch-per-task cycle and then how to move it to a distributed environment

Pablo Santos

Codice Software


JIRA Extended for Project Management

Onepoint's JIRA Connector extends JIRA's project managementcapabilities by integrating them into a complete, but still easy-to-use enterprise project management solution. By combining the strengths of JIRA's dynamic agile task management environment with Onepoint's built-in resource management and project controlling & reporting capabilities, you can seamlessly integrate JIRA-based product backlogs and agile projects into one IPMA or PMI-compliant PM solution.

Gerald Aquila



Connect JIRA to MS Project

Ceptah Bridge links MS Project with JIRA and provides bi-directional synchronisation between the systems. It streamlines the project management process by making Microsoft Project tasks available to JIRA users for browsing, modifying and reporting progress. A rich interface gives the user full control over the changes made during the synchronisation.

Sergey Gussak

Ceptah Solutions


RefinedWiki Original Theme for Confluence

RefinedWiki Original Theme is a plugin for Confluence that provides a whole new interface for the wiki. It increases the usability of Confluence with improved navigation and features which allows customized dashboards and space layouts with wiki markup. Content can also be added into categories and subcategories for ease of navigation.

Jimmy Lundstrom



Tempo for JIRA

The Tempo Plugin for JIRA supports billing and salary administration tasks with sophisticated time-tracking and cost reporting capabilities. The Tempo plug-in creates solutions for any project by allowing staff to register the full spectrum of their tasks and billable hours through a single web-based interface.

Petur Agustsson

TM Software


ConfluenceFx - Confluence to your desktop

ConfluenceFx is the first enterprise solution that brings Confluence to your desktop. It enables your teams to collaborate more effectively and keeps all your community up-to-date thanks to its real-time notifications and collaborative user interactions.

Steeve Cayla

Kap IT


Content Import Plugin for Confluence

This is a great webinar to watch if you have a legacy system that you want to exctract the data from and migrate to Confluence. The Content Import Plugin faciliates imports of any type of content into Confluence. The data has to be provided in a transfer format (XML notation of Confluence data structures). The format supports nearly all of the Confluence content type (pages, spaces, blog posts, comments, attachments) and the according meta data (creator, modifier, dates, labels). The plugin is an efficient tool to support the migration of content from any system, e.g. legacy wikis, blogs and message boards, without the need to know the Confluence API.

Tino Winkler



JIRA Bridge for HP Quality Center

David Brown of Orasi presents on the JIRA Bridge for HP Quality Center. This is an enterprise-class integration solution that enables organizations to harness the full potential of JIRA and HP Quality Center software because it synchronizes defect information between the two tools. This bridge enables your QA and development teams to collaborate efficiently by coordinating all issue information between the teams.

David Brown



JIRA Connector for Jama Contour

The JIRA Connector integrates Jama Contour, a popular tool used for managing requirements, with JIRA. This integration connects business teams responsible for product requirements and planning with development teams responsible for implementation.

Frank Charron



VertygoSLA Plugin for JIRA

VertygoSLA gives organizations the opportunity to support their SLAs (Service Level Agreement) based on acknowledgment time or resolution time commitments. In JIRA, a UI displays a color code which allows you to manage, prioritize, and respect your time.

Eudes Nouvellon



K15t - Scroll wiki exporter for Confluence

The Scroll Wiki Exporter turns your Confluence wiki into THE source for single-source publishing. In this webinar, you will learn how to turn your Confluence content into manuals, books, pamphlets, etc.

Tobias Anstett

K15t Software


Taskdock for Confluence

Co-founders Erik and Ben showcased Taskdock for Confluence which is a plugin that drives engagement through inline tasks, targeted Confluence actions, task follow-up, and expanded publishing through email. It allows users to easily and actively participate in content creation, upkeep, and utilization within Confluence.

Erik Eccles



Enterprise Tester for JIRA

Enterprise Tester is a web based Test Management tool that implements a world first integration with Sparx Systems, Enterprise Architect and JIRA allowing automated test script creation from UML models saving the project team value time while providing a full end-to-end lifecycle solution.

Bryce Day

Catch Limited


zAgile Teamwork for JIRA and Confluence

zAgile Teamwork enables your software engineering teams to maximize productivity and minimize time to delivery. zAgile Teamwork delivers easy, affordable agile requirements and test case management right inside Confluence, and it integrates those with pro

Sanjiva Nath



JaM Plugin, CRM Plugin, and synapseRT

A discussion of Go2Group's wildly popular JaM Plugin, the flexible CRM Plugin (Salesforce and Surgar), and the new kid on the block, synapseRT.

William Anderson



Approvals Workflow Pugin for Confluence

The Approvals Workflow plugin integrates seamlessly with Confluence to provide an innovative way of managing workflows and content approvals, without compromising the open and collaborative philosophy of a wiki.

Roberto Dominguez

Comala Tech


Plugins for Confluence

David Peterson of CustomWare presents his Scaffolding & Reporting Plugins for Confluence.

David Peterson



The Rally Connector for JIRA

Doug Miller from Thermo Fisher Scientific discusses his use of the Rally Connector for JIRA.  Doug struggled with managing data silos and using systems that didn't integrate, leading to his inability to track project progress. The Rally Connector for JIRA, helped him pull his data together into a single flow, track his projects and see the big picture.

Mark Ringer

Rally Software


Balsamiq mockups: JIRA & Confluence

Peldi Guilizzoni, founder and sole owner of Balsamiq, had Oren Teich of Replicate Technologies and Adam Wride of Big Brass Band give guest presentations on how they use Balsamiq.

Peldi Guilizzoni



Gliffy - diagraming software

Gliffy, the easy-to-use plugin which allows you to create professional-looking flowcharts, diagrams, floor plans, technical drawings and more, now available for JIRA.

Chris Kohlhardt



Live Forms Designer

Ashish Deshpande of frevvo shows off his Live Forms Plugin for Confluence. 

Ashish Deshpande



Confluence plugin mashup

Andreas skillfully explains his mashup solution, netoVation, which plugins compose netoVation, how it was coded, and offers a live demo of creating his unique solution.

Andreas Meingast



JIRA Desktop Client

Igor created JIRA Client to be a desktop client for JIRA. It integrates seamlessly with existing JIRA installations and brings more searching power and interactivity to frequent JIRA users.  Hear how JIRA Client was built, see a demo, grasp the architectural overview, hear about some pitfalls (creating issues remotely), understand about dealing with change (checking JIRA versions and not using stub code for SOAP), and learn about going commercial (set the price, think about support from the beginning, lower the adoption barrier).

Igor Sereda

ALM works



Ross Rowe has developed over half a dozen plugins for Atlassian products, including several for Bamboo, such as the Cobetura Plugin and NAnt Builder Plugin. Here Ross demos some of the tools he built and gives tips for other developers.

Ross Rowe



Multiple plugins

Dan Hardiker, Adaptavist, has written more than 25 plugins for Confluence. In this webinar, he describes the Form Mail plugin and Rating macro and gives a preview to an upcoming Advanced Search macro. Along the way, he gives advice to others interested in developing their own plugins.

Dan Hardiker


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