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If you're used to the Confluence Classic interface, the new 1.4 interface might be a little hard to navigate at first. We think that the new design is a vast improvement, but it's inevitable that people who have used the application since its release will be wondering where some of the buttons they were used to have gone...


By incredibly popular demand, blogs have been renamed to "News" across the site. While blogs are all the rage at the moment (or, as my brother would say, very zeitgeisty), it's still far easier to explain "News" to someone familiar with blogs, than it is to explain blogs to someone who is familiar with news.

Rename Page?

Rename page is no longer a separate function. Just edit the page and change the page title, and Confluence will rename all the links to the page for you.

Move Page?

Move page is no longer a separate function. Just edit the page and change its space, and Confluence will move the page to the new space for you, renaming any links to the page. If the page has children, you will be given the option to move all the children as well.

Create Child Page?

Whenever you select the "Add Page" link from the top of the page, your current page will be automatically inserted into the Parent Page box. We've found that this is the way most people use Confluence anyway.

Page Locks?

Page locks have been renamed "Permissions" and moved to the bottom of the edit page. We found that most people didn't understand (or couldn't find) locks, and thus didn't understand that Confluence has page-level edit security.

Page History? Short URL? Incoming Links? Hot Referrers?

All this information has been moved under the "Info" tab when you view a page.

Last modified on May 17, 2005

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