Issues resolved in 6.1.0

The Atlassian Confluence team is pleased to announce the release of Confluence 6.1.0, which is a bug-fix release.

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Released on 20 March 2017

T Key Summary Status
Bug CONF-51806 Cannot purge page Resolved
Suggestion CONF-46503 Add SAML support for Confluence Data Center Resolved
Bug CONF-45471 "Search Macro" documentation - 404. Resolved
Bug CONF-43722 Content with page layouts and collaborative editing enabled is no longer editable after publish Resolved
Bug CONF-51906 Performance improvements to @mentions Resolved
Bug CONF-46040 Edit in Office (WebDAV Launcher 1.1.0) install loop on Firefox 51.0 Resolved
Bug CONF-45745 Huge number of content inside Confluence causes Page Editing and Collaborative Editing to load really slow Released to Server
Bug CONF-45698 Confluence 5.9+ much slower to sync users and remove users from groups compared to 5.8 Resolved
Bug CONF-45656 In Confluence 6.0, a message regarding 'anonymous' user appears in the logs Released to Server
Bug CONF-45248 Confluence editor shows "Grammarly isn't supported" error even though Grammarly is disabled for the domain Resolved
Bug CONF-45097 Clicking 'into' a table in edit mode will trigger the Close/Discard Dialog on close Resolved
Bug CONF-44221 Slow user synchronisation from Crowd directory Resolved
Bug CONF-43156 Sessions are never cleared during LDAP user directory sync Resolved
Bug CONF-40717 Confluence slow startup because it is trying to start Hipchat plugin which have dependency on another plugin which has been disabled Released to Server
Bug CONF-51682 Confluence ThreadLimit healthcheck will incorrectly fail if the maximum running user processes is equal to 4096 Resolved
Bug CONF-51573 End of Life health check reports as a failure, when viewing the instance health page it shows as a pass Resolved
Bug CONF-46523 request access to unpublished draft or content created by anonymous fails Released to Server
Bug CONF-43511 Links in PDF preview do not work Released to Server
Bug CONF-36476 Contributors Macro is not working properly for Watchers after update Released to Server

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