Issues Resolved in Confluence 3.5

Below are the issues resolved in Confluence 3.5, ordered by number of votes. For the full details of the fixes, improvements and new features, please take a look at our issue tracker. Please also take a look at the Confluence 3.5 Release Notes for the new features in Confluence 3.5.

T Key Summary Status Resolution Votes
Improvement CONF-17150 Support nested groups Resolved Fixed 317
New Feature CONF-6478 News watching Resolved Fixed 112
Improvement CONF-9993 Prevent multimedia attachments from autoplaying when embedded in a Confluence page Resolved Fixed 52
Improvement CONF-1646 Support for More Languages via the {code} macro Resolved Fixed 50
Improvement CONF-6794 Add titleColor to panel macro Resolved Fixed 43
New Feature CONF-1747 Link to single JIRA issue macro Resolved Fixed 39
Bug CONF-17366 ConfluenceGroupJoiningAuthenticator does not add users to confluence-users group, if they already have "Can Use" permission via another group Resolved Fixed 37
Bug CONF-10697 Code macro should wrap Resolved Fixed 37
Improvement CONF-21980 Support memberOf attribute on LDAP users for group membership Resolved Fixed 34
Improvement CONF-10654 The ability to translate local membership into external membership for initial LDAP integration Resolved Fixed 33
Improvement CONF-19508 Google Gears is no longer supported so we need to Migrate to HTML 5 Resolved Fixed 30
New Feature CONF-6029 Automatically add LDAP users to confluence-users (or other databse-stored group) Resolved Fixed 29
Bug CONF-14104 Deleting users from LDAP, does not remove their 'Can-Use' permission Resolved Fixed 28
Improvement CONF-12882 Allow users to create Jira issues from Confluence pages. Resolved Fixed 27
Bug CONF-11926 LDAP performance degrades the more LDAP groups a user belongs too Resolved Fixed 17
Bug CONF-8925 Multiple LDAP User Lookups during Login Resolved Fixed 16
Bug CONF-20811 Printing a Confluence page using the Documentation Theme in Internet Explorer will only print the first page of data Resolved Fixed 14
Bug CONF-19431 Crowd+Confluence nested groups fail Resolved Fixed 14
Improvement CONF-19039 Drag and drop upload doesn't work in Google Chrome Resolved Fixed 14
Improvement CONF-14444 Default authors to watch the pages they author Resolved Fixed 13
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