abort: abandoned transaction found - run hg recover!

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The following entry appears in the FISHEYE_INST/var/log/atlassian-fisheye-<DATE>.log:

2022-04-05 09:57:48,736 ERROR [InitialPinger3 ] fisheye.app OneOffPingRequest-doRequest - Exception during slurp
com.cenqua.fisheye.config.ConfigException: Unable to pull from remote repository: K:\Master
 - [abort: abandoned transaction found - run hg recover!]
 - pulling from K:\Master
searching for changes
Caused by: com.atlassian.utils.process.ProcessException: While executing: "c:\Program Files\TortoiseHg\hg.exe --config ui.verbose=false pull K:\Master "
Caused by: com.atlassian.utils.process.ProcessException: Non-zero exit code: -1


This is a problem on the Mercurial server side as the Mercurial server throws this error when a previous action (either by Fisheye or another Hg client) was interrupted, e.g. because the network connection dropped.


Run the the following command on the Mercurial server:

hg recover -R <REPOSITORY_PATH>

Where the -R command-line option is used to specify the repository to perform the recover on.

Last modified on Apr 17, 2022

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