Files Appearing as Directories or Missing Files After Indexing is Complete

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After Fisheye/Crucible completes indexing a repository (on a local drive), some files are identified as directories or missing, and the following can be seen in the logs:

2013-06-19 09:44:46,049 ERROR [SvnExecution2 HRW-Framework] fisheye Svn2Infill2Processor$8-singlePath - Unexpected path received file:///E:/svn/repository/testfile.txt when getting properties for file:///e:/svn/repository/testfile.txt


Fisheye/Crucible performs case sensitive comparison on the local disk repository when indexing. From the example above, Fisheye/Crucible is configured to index the repository under file:///e:/svn/repository but the SVN command returns a path with upper case 'E': file:///E:/svn/repository


Fisheye/Crucible 3.1 and above does not have the case sensitive comparison but if an upgrade is not possible, changing the repository URL under Administration > Repository Settings > Repositories > <Repository> > SCM Details will fix the issue.

Last modified on Jul 31, 2018

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