Fisheye Treats Text Files as Binary Files in CVS Repository

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The files may not have the typical file extensions, e.g. RPG or RPGLE. You can navigate to the file within Fisheye, but the files show up as binary files, hence there is only the raw viewing option for the files. The "annotated" view for the file cannot be accessed as with other supported files like java or html.


Your CVS server has incorrectly flagged these files (e.g. RPG and RPGLE files) as binary ("kb" substitution mode). This can be verified by running cvs status filename and examining the Sticky options value — if it is "-kb", Fisheye will treat the file as binary.

More information on substitution modes can be found here.


Run cvs admin -kkv filename to mark files as not binary. The fisheye repository will need to be rescanned to pick up the new state.

Last modified on Nov 21, 2012

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