Wrong User Reported When Indexing SVN Mirror Repository

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After indexing a SVN repository, Fisheye attributes the wrong user as the committer of some revisions. 


This can be caused by the use of svnsync to mirror a copy of the SVN repository locally for Fisheye to index. svnsync is not an atomic protocol. It generally performs the commit as the svn sync user and then updates the revprops to match the original commit. If Fisheye sees the repository between these two operations it will see the author as the svn sync author.


The repository can be re-indexed which should pick up the correct author information as the revprops have been updated.


There are two alternative configuration options to resolve this problem.

Option 1

Tie the Fisheye poll into the svnsync operation so that polling happens after the svn sync brings the repository into alignment. This is achieved by Configuring commit hooks for Fisheye/Crucible.

Option 2

In the post-revprop-change hook SVN trigger, configure the rescan-metadata Fisheye/Crucible REST API endpoint to be triggered with from/to range to rescan the changelist metadata (author, date, commit message).

Last modified on Jul 31, 2018

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