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Hipchat is team communication: group and 1-to-1 chat, video chat, and screen sharing

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Last modified on Jan 21, 2018

Invite people

Send invitations to get your whole team chatting. This is where productivity begins.

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Chat in rooms

Rooms can be centered around teams, projects, special events, and more.

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Chat 1-to-1

You can chat directly with any of your teammates. With 1-to-1 chat, it’s just the two of you.

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Video chat with your team

Sometimes you just need face-to-face time. Start and join video chats and share your screen with your team.

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Connect multiple accounts

See how to log in to multiple accounts with Hipchat and chat using all of them.

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Your profile

Help your team recognize and notify you. Add your photo and set a mention name.

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Share files

There's no need for email and attachments. Share images and files directly in chat.

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Fun with emoticons

When words just aren't enough, use emoticons! They're a whole language in themselves.

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Get teammates' attention

Use mentions to alert a teammate or the whole team to a message or file.

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Get and set notifications

Say no to FOMO (fear of missing out) thanks to notifications. Learn how to adjust them to your liking.

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Integrate other apps

Save time and stay updated by integrating the various apps you use everyday with Hipchat. 

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Guest access

Open up certain rooms to people outside your Hipchat group– like vendors or clients.

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Set your status

Let people know you're available to chat, out for coffee, or heads down working on a presentation.

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Change the look of Hipchat

Need a new look? Try Hipchat's dark theme – or hide avatars, make text denser, and more.

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Add a team avatar

Add some personality to your group with a team avatar.

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Chat history

Search chat history for old messages and adjust history settings.

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Change who can do what

We think openness is good, but we know sometimes it's necessary to restrict some features.

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Delete messages and files

You can delete messages you wrote and files you shared in Hipchat.

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Download the Hipchat apps

Use Hipchat everywhere. We've got Mac, Windows, Linux desktop apps and iOS and Android mobile apps.

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Keyboard shortcuts and slash commands

Chat faster, style your text, fix your typos, and more. Use Hipchat's keyboard shortcuts and slash commands.

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Add users from Google Apps

Use your Google Apps user directory to manage Hipchat user accounts.

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Hipchat Plus and Hipchat Basic

Learn about the two Hipchat cloud plans and how to change your plan.

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