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Save time and stay updated by integrating the various apps you use everyday with Hipchat. 

Failing build? New support ticket? Notifications from your apps into Hipchat rooms keep you up to date on what your team is working on and how you can help. 


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Hipchat supports integrations with more than 60 tools. Do you want to know…

Installing integrations for your Hipchat group

If you're an admin, you can install integrations for your whole Hipchat group.

In the web app (using Hipchat in your browser)
  1. Go to Group admin > Integrations.
  2. Click the integration's Install button to learn more about it, then install it.
  3. To see which integrations are already installed, click Manage.

Installing integrations in Hipchat rooms

If you're an admin or room owner, you can install integrations in individual Hipchat rooms using the Hipchat desktop and web apps.

In the desktop and web apps
  1. Go to your Hipchat room.
  2. Click > Integrations
  3. If you're prompted, log in to the Hipchat web app. The Integrations page for your Hipchat room appears and lists integrations. If an integration is already installed, a check mark shows next to it.
  4. Click an integration to learn more about it and add it.



Last modified on Jan 21, 2018

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