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  1. Set up a JIRA site
  2. Add users
  3. Create a project
  4. Create an issue
  5. Search for issues and create reports
  6. Configure permissions
  7. Configure workflows and screens
  8. Extend JIRA

It will get pretty lonely if you are the only JIRA user. You can add users, invite users, or allow new users to sign themselves up. Get your team involved!

In this stage, you will add new users to JIRA. We will also explain JIRA user-based licensing and show you how it works.



Step 1. Add a few users

You will be adding three users to JIRA in this step: alana, emma and william. You add more or choose your own usernames if you like, but please note that we will be referring to these usernames later in the tutorial.

You should be logged in to JIRA as an administrator after setting up your site. If not, log in under your administrator account.

  1. Navigate to the User Management screen using the quick operation: . + users.
  2. Choose Create User to add a new user. Specify the username as alana and tick the Add to developers group checkbox. Set the rest of the fields to whatever you want.
  3. Create two more users with the usernames emma and william, following the same process outlined in previous step. Don't forget to tick the Add to developers group checkbox.

How do quick operations work?

"Use the quick operation: . + abc"
This means press the . key on your keyboard, type abc in the dialog that appears, then press the Enter key on your keyboard.

You can manually navigate to any page instead of using quick operations, but this guide will use quick operations to make it easier for you to find your way around.

Step 2. Remove one user from your license

JIRA has user-based licensing. This allows you to manage your costs as your team grows or shrinks, by adding or removing users from your license.

Every user that can access JIRA is counted towards your license. New users are granted access by default. If you exceed the number of users allowable by your license, no one will be allowed to create issues in JIRA.

The user count is managed in JIRA Cloud by configuring the application access for each user. In this step, we will show you how to remove one user's access to JIRA.

  1. Navigate to the 'Application Access' screen using the quick operation: . + application access. The screen will show that you have six remaining users available under your license.
    (info) Your trial Cloud license permits 10 users for JIRA. You have created four users so far: your administrator account and accounts for Alana, Emma and William.
  2. Uncheck the checkbox in the JIRA column for emma and choose the Update button. The screen will show that you have seven remaining users available under your license.

Emma will not be able to log in to JIRA anymore. Feel free to try, if you want to check.

Application access and permissions

Application access (JIRA Cloud) is separate from JIRA permissions. You can use permissions to prevent access to JIRA Cloud, but it won't affect the user count on your license. Note, in JIRA Server, you control access to JIRA and your license count via permissions.

(tick) Congratulations! You have added three new users to JIRA and removed JIRA access from one!

Next steps

Next you will be creating your own project in JIRA and customizing the look and feel.   

Stopping here? Please leave us your feedback before you go!



Last modified on Sep 17, 2015

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