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Need help working with issues? Jira Coreallows you to create issues quickly, assign them to the right person, and get working on them in seconds! On this page, you'll find a quick overview for everything that you can do with an issue, as well as links to pages with more detail.This page introduces you to the concept of an issue. You can then learn more about creating, editing, and collaborating issues in the Next steps section.

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What is an issue?

Different organizations use Jira applications to track different kinds of issues, which can represent anything from a software bug, a project task, to a leave request form.

In Jira Core, an issue is essentially a packet of work. It could be a small task like "Remember to order pizza for charity night", or a large chunk of hard work like "Build bridging wall between house and garage"! It all depends on your project, and how you and your team decide to break down your work into issues.

An issue is broken down into several key areas. Here's an example of an issue send out an invoice, you can see all the critical information, such as the assignee, due date and description, all in one place.

Sample issue called Issue invoice to Adamas Inc.

Next steps

Check out the following pages to reach issue ninja status:   

Last modified on Oct 6, 2021

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