Getting started with Jira Core

Welcome to the Jira Core Getting started tutorials! We know you want to get up and running with Jira Core as quickly as possible, so we've designed our Getting started tutorials to take you through the basic concepts and tasks you'll need to know in Jira Core.

This is a hands-on tutorial, and we'll be taking you through the basics of Jira Core, and its three main user roles.

  • If you're evaluating Jira Core, we suggest you do all three tutorials.
  • If you've been invited to Jira Core, we suggest you do the tutorial that best suits your user role.

So what is Jira Core?

Jira Core is a workflow management system which allows you to set up unique processes that suit the way you work. At the heart of all systems are workflows, moving packets of work from A to B. Jira Core allows you to make your workflow as easy or as complex as you need, giving you the freedom to concentrate on the work, not the process. Jira Core can be used in a variety of ways. For example, you could use it to run a t-shirt business, setting up workflows that can manage your internal processes such as your design process, your sales process, your manufacturing process, and even controlling your stock. The beauty of Jira Core is that the only constraints on your workflow are your processes!

What types of Jira Core users are there?

Jira Core users can be grouped into three types:


Administrators are responsible for the configuration of Jira Core.

They control the initial set-up, the look and feel, and the configuration of project workflows, issues, and generally what the end user will see and be able to interact with.

Get started as an administrator

Project administrators

Project administrators are responsible for configuring their projects.

They can administer projects, change the look and feel, and make various configuration changes to the project. A project administrator can't create a project unless they're explicitly given this permission by an administrator.

Get started as a project administrator


Users are responsible for working in specific Jira Core projects.

Users are given access to a project's issues, and, depending on their permissions, work on the issue by commenting on it, transitioning it through its workflow, and closing it when complete.

Get started as a user

Last modified on May 11, 2018

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