Using Jira Core for Legal projects

Whatever your business requirements, if there's a process or a workflow involved, Jira Core can help you get things in a more orderly state. Your organization may have a legal team, who are responsible for legal documentation, licensing, non-disclosure agreements and all the things required to make sure your organization complies with all required local, national and international regulations. Keeping track of all the requests, requirements, reviews and outstanding approvals can be quite tough, but by setting up a Jira Core project and configuring it to how you work can help manage the work, and keep you on top of things.

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Let's take a look at non disclosure agreements, and how you could set up a project to keep track of the work you're doing.

Use caseDocumentation requests - get your documentation requests in one place, to be actioned when required.
What Business project
should I start with? 

Project Management - This gives you a workflow of To do, In progress and Done, and accompanying issue types of Task and Sub-task.

How can I do this?
  1. Create a task for each document you need create.
  2. Attach the document to the task. Remember to keep the document versioned in your word processing package!
  3. Once the document is put together, get feedback in the comments section of the task.
  4. When approved, transition the task to Done and finalize the document!
How would this look?

Can I make this easier?You may think there's something missing here, there's no review process? Well you can achieve this in 2 ways. You can modify the workflow to add an 'In review' status, or you could add a resolution to the 'Done' status of 'Rejected'. That means that the person who prepared the document would need to transition the task back to In progress to work on it again.
Other customizations
Legal documents are very important, and need to be accurate and applicable to each case. It's also important to make sure the correct person reviews and approves the documentation. Your workflow needs to make sure this happens. You could add a condition to the workflow transition that means only a specific person can transition it. That could be your approver. Remember, Jira Core allows you to define your process. It can be as complex or as basic as you like!

Last modified on May 11, 2018

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