Using Jira Core for Marketing projects

You work in Marketing, and your company is starting to win more contracts. There's a lot of work that needs done for each contract, and it can vary greatly! You're starting to lose visibility and need the ability to bring everything together and track the work that needs done, who's responsible, and when it's due by. You've heard of Jira Core and you decide to give it a whirl... but where to start?!

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Let's take a look at what you could consider doing...

Use caseMarketing campaign - you need assets, locations booked, websites created, approval to go live... the list goes on!
What Business project
should I start with? 

Project Management - This gives you a workflow of To do, In progress and Done, and accompanying issue types of Task and Sub-task.

How can I do this?
  1. Create a new task for each item of work that needs done. Give it a descriptive title to make sure everyone knows at a glance what it's for.
  2. Add sub-tasks for any additional work that may need done, making sure you break big chunks of work into more manageable pieces.
  3. When the sub-tasks are done, you can complete the parent task. And your work is done!
How would this look?

Can I make this easier?

Don't forget you can add comments to your tasks, and mention people in the comments by using the "@" mention. This makes sure everyone is aware of the work and tasks that are needed. When using tasks and sub-tasks to track your work, it's also useful to remember you can view the Activity and Statistics page for your project by clicking on the project name in your sidebar. These views give you a breakdown of the issues in your project so you always know where you stand. If you need more detailed info, you can also create you own dashboard with all the statistics you need, and add a link to the dashboard in your sidebar.

Other customizationsMarketing tasks can be very diverse and very specific in their requirements. You can customize your issues and make various fields 'required' to ensure they're always completed correctly. You can set the fields in various ways (drop-down, multi-select, free text etc.) to make sure whoever creates the tasks can only select from your pre-defined selections, or can complete the information as they see fit. Notifications can also be customized so that the right people are always updated when they need to be. Make sure the tasks and project are set up they way you work.

Getting the hang of how Jira Core can be used? Talk to your administrator about more ways you can customize your project to make sure it suits how you work.

Last modified on May 11, 2018

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