Process management

The process management project is an example of a project with a slightly more complex workflow that you could set up in Jira Core. The workflow shows an example of how you could create your work, progress it, have it reviewed, approved, and eventually completed. If you're interested in getting more from your workflows, you should review Working with workflows for some ideas on what you could do with your workflows to get the most out of Jira Core.

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Your process management project is set up by default like this:


In a perfect world, your work would move from Open > In Progress > Under Review > Approved > Done, but there's options for the work to be returned to previous statuses via Rejected and Canceled.

Process management workflow

Issue types

Task and sub-task. A sub-task must belong to a parent task.

Issue fieldsSummary, Issue Type, Reporter, Attachment, Due Date, Original Estimate, Remaining Estimate, Description, Assignee, Priority, Resolution and Labels
ResolutionsDone, Won't Do, Duplicate and Cannot Reproduce
PrioritiesHighest, High, Medium, Low and Lowest

Processes can be as complicated or as simple as you need them to be, and Jira Core allows you to achieve just that. For more ideas on what you could do, check our example for some pointers.

Use casePurchasing - Creating and submitting a business case for approval
What Business project
should I start with? 

Process Management - This gives you a workflow of Open > In Progress > Under Review > Approved > Done, and accompanying issue types of Task and Sub-task.

How can I do this?
  1. Create a task for each new business case for approval.
  2. Populate the task with all the relevant details, attaching any documents, spreadsheets or additional information that you think will support the business case. 
  3. Moving the task to Under Review and assign it to your approver (this could be your manager, or maybe a member of the purchasing department).
  4. Once approved, the final stage could be to either raise a purchase request, or possibly transfer the data to another system to get the purchase completed. Either way, the issue is Done and completed!
How would this look?

Can I make this easier?
Yes! You can use a lot of Jira Core's functionality, especially comments and mentioning other people (collaboration is alive and well!), to make sure you have all the information you need to complete the business case. Assigning the task to the relevant people at the right time as it moves through the workflow makes sure it'll always appear on their to do lists, and if notifications are set up, they'll even receive an email to let them know it's ready for them.
Other customizations
You may decide to change the workflow. You may need to add in a second approver. You may also want to consider assigning the task automatically to the correct person as it progresses through the workflow. You may consider adding different issue types for each type of business case that you accept, and assigning each issue type a specific, custom workflow (with the correct assignees per status of course!). Jira Core allows you to achieve this.

Last modified on Oct 6, 2021

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