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When linking GitHub account on Jira (DVCS accounts), it does not include repositories from other GitHub Organizations associated to your GitHub account.


The DVCS connector in Jira will only show repositories where the Team or User Account entered is the owner of the organization ( owns this application ). You check this at the organization page on GitHub for example : 

notice that it says jiracomp owns this application (organization). This is the name that you need to enter on the Jira DVCS Team or User Account field.


Here is the step you can take to add a GitHub organization repository to Jira:

  1. On GitHub, click on Your Profile 

  2. On your profile locate the organization that you would like to add into Jira and then click on it 

  3. On the organization page, click on the Settings tab. 

  4. Select the OAuth applications and click on Register an application 

  5. Enter Jira's details and Register application

  6. Take note of the Client ID & Client Secret on the next screen. These details will be used to connect the GitHub organization on Jira
  7. On Jira, go to to the DVCS page > Click on Link GitHub account

  8. Enter the details as such
    1. Host: GitHub
    2. Team or User Account: Name of the organization. 

      When creating the OAuth tokens, this is displayed on top of the page, for example in the screenshot below, it is jiracomp :

    3. Client ID: From the OAuth application page on GitHub
    4. Client Secret: From the OAuth application page on GitHub
  9. Click Add
  10. Click Authorize application when the reciprocal link is created.
  11. Now the Organizations repository should be visible on the DVCS Account page : 

DescriptionWhen linking GitHub account on Jira ( DVCS accounts ), it does not include repositories from other GitHub Organizations associated to your GitHub account.
Last modified on Sep 25, 2019

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