Additional gadgets have been found and can be loaded - message appears when you load gadgets

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When you load the gadgets on the dashboard, by clicking on "Add gadget" on the dashboard, you get the message : "Additional gadgets have been found and can be loaded." 

You need to click "Load all gadgets" in order to view all gadgets.


The message appears because there is an external gadget added in the gadget directory. This message is not the sign of any problem. It is actually a feature. JIRA first loads local gadgets as well as the gadgets that are already on the dashboard and displays that list to the user. In the background, it is busy looking for the remaining gadgets, that take longer to fetch.

When the user clicks, "Load all gadgets" JIRA displays all the remaining gadgets. The feature request to have a better UI on loading the gadget is being tracked at  JRA-45213 - Getting issue details... STATUS .


Last modified on Mar 15, 2016

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