Configure Active Directory authentication for SQL Server in Jira server

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Platform notice: Server and Data Center only. This article only applies to Atlassian products on the server and data center platforms.

This KB article was originally created for older Jira versions.   Starting with Jira 7.5.0 and higher, Atlassian switched the database driver being used by Jira upon installation/upgrade to use the official Microsoft database driver when connecting to a Microsoft SQL database.  As such Jira is not using the jTDS open source driver it was using in versions such as 7.4.x and previous versions, when this article was created.

As such the steps in this article will not work with Jira 7.5.0 and higher.   Instead there is a different KB for how to allow Jira to use that database driver to authenticate to a SQL server in Using Integrated Security with MsSQL for Jira

This feature has not been tested by our QA team and, therefore, its usage is still unsupported. A Suggestion has been raised in order to have this feature tested and considered officially supported, since it's fully supported by the jTDS driver.

Atlassian Support reserves its rights to ask users to rollback this configuration in order to troubleshoot database connection or other related problems.

Depending on the authentication method used by your company, you may need to setup the SQL Server database using an Active Directory credential. Jira doesn't currently support it by default, so you will need to manually change database settings on the dbconfig.xml file.

Follow the procedures indicated below to make possible for Jira to connect with the database using an Active Directory credential.

Special thanks to our customer, William, who provided the workaround here.


  1. Open up the dbconfig.xml file.

    The file is located in your <JIRA_HOME> directory.

  2. Update the <url> key to contain the domainName property


    You may need to add the useNTLMv2=true property depending on your environment configuration.

DescriptionThis article describes steps for Jira to connect with the database using an Active Directory credential.

Last modified on Jul 23, 2020

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