Configure Anti-virus software for use with Jira server

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Although we cannot directly recommend specific Anti-Virus software to use with JIRA applications we would like to advise our customers that if you are experiencing slowness with your JIRA application, try running it with virus checking disabled. As JIRA applications create many temporary files it is possible that due to disk I/O and resourcing, virus checking software can slow JIRA applications dramatically.

Most anti-virus software causes a dramatic increase in disk IO and CPU Usage when used with JIRA applications. McAfee's NetShield 4.5 in particular claims to let you exclude folders from scanning, through from previous investigations we have found this not to be the case - upgrade to version 7.0.0 to fix this.

McAfee Agent 5.x has also been demonstrated to have a decremental effect on particularly search index performance due the overhead added to open/close file operations even on directories explicitly excluded from scanning. 

Symantec Anti-Virus should be uninstalled, as our experiences with it have shown it to cause dramatic performance degradation even when the service is turned off.

Trend Micro Deep Security has been known to restrict HTTP requests longer than 655 bytes, returning a 504 response code to the client. This results in elements of the page not rendering correctly


Depending on the antivirus software, it may be possible to exclude certain files from scanning.

Some Antivirus software may continue to impact JIRA applications even if these folders are excluded. If slowness is experienced, try running JIRA applications with virus checking disabled.

Last modified on Oct 9, 2020

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