Create issue via email fails due to invalid license error in Jira server

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Platform Notice: Server and Data Center Only - This article only applies to Atlassian products on the server and data center platforms.


Users who are registered in Jira's user base (show up under Administration > User management > Users) but are not granted application access, are unable to create issues through the Mail Handler, even if the Default Reporter is set.

Specific to this issue:

  • Users with permission to access and create issues do not have a problem creating issues using the same mail handler;
  • The Mail Handler is not a Jira Service Management Mail Handler;

The following appears in the atlassian-jira-incoming-mail.log

Cannot create issue due to invalid license: [Sorry, you can't create any issues right now, as you need to have access to a Jira application to be able to create issues. To gain application access you need to be a member of a group assigned to an application.]



  • Jira 7.0.0 and above

Diagnostic Steps

  • Review the atlassian-jira-incoming-mail.log for hints on this error


As from our Atlassian Answers response from Product Management:

In Jira 7, a user must have access to at least one Jira application (Jira Software, Jira Service Management, or Jira Core) in order to create issues, regardless of how the issue is created. This means that any user that is not able to log in to Jira and create an issue via the Create Issue dialog will not be able to create issues via a Jira email handler.

We have made this change to introduce more consistency in how licenses are enforced in Jira.

I have users who do not need access to Jira, but still need to create issues. What should I do?

Users without Jira access can still create issues anonymously. You can set up anonymous issue creation as documented here. Please note that this may require you to delete users who do not have Jira access so that Jira considers them anonymous.

Additionally, we've introduced advanced support for helpdesk and support with Jira Service Management.Requests created via email in Jira Service Management support SLAs, queues, and more. Jira Service Management supports unlimited customers (people creating requests) starting at $10/month for 3 agents (Jira Service Management Cloud) or $10 for a 3 agent perpetual license (Jira Service Management Server). All Jira users can view issues in a Jira Service Management project, so it is possible to just have a few Service Management agents and a larger number of Jira Software or Jira Core users collaborating on the project.


One of the following options:

  • Grant the users that need to create issues through e-mail application access to Jira;
  • Register the users in Jira's user base with a different e-mail address or remove the affected users from Jira user base.


Jira cannot currently create issues from non-Jira users after setting anonymous access due to the following bug:
JRASERVER-63285 - Getting issue details... STATUS

DescriptionUsers who are registered in Jira's user base (show up under Administration > User management > Users) but are not granted application access, are unable to create issues through the Mail Handler, even if the Default Reporter is set.
Last modified on Nov 23, 2020

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