Custom avatars missing after upgrade or migration of Jira server

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Custom project or user avatars are missing after migrating JIRA applications to a new version or server.


Custom project or user avatars are not stored as part of the database or XML backup and so need to be migrated manually after upgrading or migrating JIRA applications.

When upgrading/migrating JIRA from a version less than JIRA 6.1.7 to a version equal or greater than version 6.1.7 the avatars directory from an existing instance needs to be available before starting the JIRA instance. This is because upgrade tasks execute on the avatars directory, causing these files to be renamed. If the files are not available, these files can not be updated and then 'avatars' directory becomes out of sync with the file system.

To avoid this situation, take a copy of the Avatars directory when upgrading JIRA and place this into the avatars directory of the JIRA Home Before upgrading JIRA to a JIRA 6+ environment. This will ensure that the avatars are correctly migrated to the expected version.

Basically, you must have the avatars directory ready and available in the avatars directory (under JIRA_HOME/data/avatars) when upgrading to JIRA 6.1.7 and higher from a version older than 6.1.7.


Execute the following query on your JIRA Database:

SELECT id, filename FROM avatar;


Check that the filenames in your avatars directory <jira-home>/data/avatars/ match the reported filenames. The Filenames will have the format:  ID_[size]_FILENAME.

(info) In some cases you may notice an extension: '*jrvtg.png' This is an indication that the avatar files have been upgraded from an older version of JIRA. 


  1. Move or copy the images in <jira-home>/data/avatars/ from the old JIRA application instance to the new one.
  2. Ensure the Avatars directory file names match those in the database if upgrading from a version of JIRA before 6.1.7.

(warning) This resolution is designed for JIRA 4.0+

Last modified on Sep 25, 2019

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