Database limitations on number of projects in JIRA

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This article describes known limitations imposed by various database servers on number of projects which can be created in JIRA.



SQL Server

No hard limit as a query can have any number of parameters, as long as it remains within the maximum batch size — which defaults to 65,536 * Network Packet Size (256MB). In practice, however, 2000 is the limit as this is the maximum number of parameters allowed by SQL Server. (SeeJRA-38790 - Ofbiz generates queries with large IN clauses that result in SQL Server errors VERIFIED for more details.)


No hard limits; SQL query size is limited to the OS maximum file size.


1000 (Only for JIRA version prior to 6.1.1. See JRA-19317 for more details.)


No hard limit; maximum query size has to be less than max_allowed_packet, which defaults to 1GB, but can be any value in the range 1024-1073741824 Bytes.


HSQLDB is supported only for evaluation purpose only. No limits specified, but in practice limited by heap memory.

Last modified on Feb 19, 2016

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