Exported CSV does not display properly in Excel that contains non-English characters

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When using the export CSV option in Jira and the file contains non English characters, they are not displayed properly in Excel. 


By default Excel opens the CSV file with ANSI encoding. The ability to open the CSV file with UTF-8 encoding and non English characters was introduced in Excel 2016. Please see What's new and improved in Office 2016 for Office 365 for reference. 

The following bug is opened for the same issue: JRASERVER-64191 - Getting issue details... STATUS .


  •  If you open the CSV file using the Mac Numbers and Libre Office, it works fine.
  •  If you want to open the exported CSV file using Excel, here is another workaround:

For Mac:

      Use Mac Numbers and Libre Office, or try the workaround below:

  1. Copy paste the text in Sublime
  2. Save the content using File > Save with Encoding > UTF - 8 with BOM to a new CSV file.
  3. Now open the CSV file and the contents show up in the proper manner

For Windows:

      Try Libre Office or a different editor and follow the workaround below:

  1. Open the CSV file using Notepad.
  2. Click "File > Save As".
  3. In the dialog window that appears - select "ANSI" from the "Encoding" field. Then click "Save".
  4. Open this new CSV file using Excel - your non-English characters should be displayed properly.


      Import the CSV file into Excel - Import or export text (.txt or .csv) files

Last modified on Jun 23, 2022

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