Filter export only contains 1000 issues in Jira server

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Platform Notice: Server and Data Center Only - This article only applies to Atlassian products on the server and data center platforms.


  • From the Issue Navigator, exporting filter results to Excel only exports 1000 issues.
  • Using REST API to get a filter result from your JIRA applications returns a maximum of 1000 issues.


This is an intentional limitation on JIRA applications to avoid performance-related issues such as an OutOfMemoryException.


Perform your export in batches. For Excel exports from the UI this could be done using the "created" field or other criteria to split the result set into batches smaller than 1000 issues.

When using the REST API the startAt and maxResults parameters should be used to paginate the results, looping until the total number of records is reached. The total number of records is provided in the first response. Examples are available at JIRA REST API Example Query Issues


JIRA can be configured to increase the limit or bypass it altogether.

Retrieving more than 1000 issues at once may result in an OutOfMemoryException for large result sets. This can cause database corruption or an application crash.

tip/resting Created with Sketch.

As of Jira 8.2, the memory problems no longer apply. We’ve changed the way the exported issues are stored in the cache, significantly reducing the amount of memory required during the export. If you're using Jira 8.2 or later, or one of the latest Enterprise releases, you can safely increase the limit. For more info about this fix and the affected Jira versions, see this issue.

Here is a brief explanation of each configuration property:

  • - This is the maximum value of issues exported by default when exporting/requesting a search result.
  • - This defines the maximum limit for all users, regardless of modifications on the referred URL.

  • - This property sets up a group that will be able to request an unlimited number of issues on a search result. 

You can use these configuration properties to override the default behavior. This is done by editing a file in your JIRA Home Directory, "".

  1. First, if the file does not exist in your JIRA Home Directory then create it.
  2. Add the override properties to the config file. Example:
  3. Restart JIRA.

The example configuration increases the default result limit to 1500 issues. Users can modify URLs to export up to 2000 records. Members of the jira-administrators group can modify URLs to export an unlimited number of records

To bypass the default and export more records:

  1. Perform your search in the UI
  2. Copy the URL of the format link you choose in the Export menu:
  3. Paste this URL into the URL bar of a new browser tab.
  4. Change the tempMax parameter to the number of issues you want (up to the max limit). Members of the unlimited group can remove this parameter to export the entire result set. 
  5. Click return or go from the URL bar to download the exported results.


The group name cannot contain a space as reported in this bug:  JRA-26088 - Getting issue details... STATUS

The value of must be at least as large as

Instructions for JIRA 4.3.x and earlier

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Change the limit for a single export

Retrieving more than 1000 issues at once may result in an OutOfMemoryException for large result sets. This can cause database corruption or an application crash.

  1. Right-click the URL for export (either "All Fields" or "Current Fields") and select Copy Link Location. The URL should be similar to:

  2. Paste that URL into a different browser tab.
  3. Modify tempMax=1000 to the number of desired issues to be retrieved.

Change the default limit for all exports

This only changes the default number of issues exported. Before JIRA 4.4 all users could modify their export URL to export as many issues as they wanted and there was no feature to limit this for safety.

  1. Edit the file <JIRA_INSTALL_DIR>/atlassian-jira/WEB-INF/classes/

  2. Find the line that starts with

  3. Modify the value of the property to the number of issues you want to retrieve.

    # The maximum number of results to issue navigator will request from a query
    # - set this to zero or negative to be unrestricted (note that the server may forbid this, see below)
  4. Save the file and restart JIRA.

Last modified on Sep 25, 2019

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