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Cluster replication relies on a scheduler (currently this is handled by Quartz) to run tasks to keep the nodes in sync. The Scheduler causes events to fire at designated times, similar to cron or Windows Task Manager.

Understanding the Results

IconResultWhat this means
The health check passed successfully.The Scheduling Service is running.
Task scheduler is not running - <scheduler state>The task scheduler is not reported in the expected state (STARTED).


If the scheduler is not running.

The only way to restart the scheduler is to restart the instance. It's recommended to collect some thread dumps prior to doing so (if Atlassian Support will be contacted) as per Generating a Thread Dump.

Providing Information to Support

In case you are unable to troubleshoot and fix the problem by yourself, please create a support ticket at and attach the following information to the ticket:

  • Take a Screenshot of the Health Check results.
  • Collect a Support ZIP from each of the Data Centre nodes.
  • Any collected information from the suggestions in this document.

Last modified on Feb 19, 2016

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