How to add a comment during a transition

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You would like to prompt the user with a comment field, which will be require input while transitioning the issue from one step to another.

Default scenario

When transitioning a JIRA's issue through the workflow, by default, you have some transitions that:

  • Presents a screen with several fields to fill in (e.g. Assignee, Priority, Reporter, Comment, etc).
  • Not present any screen. Just move the issue to the next step.

How to:

In the example below, a user wants to add a comment while transitioning the issue from 'Open' to 'Start Progress'.

With administrative access, proceed with the following:

  1. Go to the 'Screens' page and click on the '+ Add Screen' button located in the top right corner of the screen.

  2. Fill in the options to create a new screen:

  3. After that, leave the configuration page of the newly created screen as it is - without any fields added to it:

  4. Go to the 'Workflows' page and edit the workflow associated with the project:

    Note that the JIRA's system workflow is not editable, so it's necessary to copy it first and then edit the copy. After that, the administrator has to create a new workflow scheme, associate the copied workflow with the new workflow scheme and associate the scheme with the project.

  5. Click on the 'Start Progress (4)' transition:

  6. Click on the 'Edit this transition' link:

  7. In the 'Transition View' field, select the screen that was created in Step 2 (Comment Screen) and hit the 'Update' button:

  8. Click on on the Publish link, in order to publish the workflow:

    Be careful while publishing the workflow. All changes made to it will be published, in case there were changes made before reading this documentation.

  9. Create a test issue to make sure everything this is working as expected and hit the 'Start Progress' button:

  10. Voil√°! From now on, whenever a user hits the 'Start Progress' button, they will be presented with a screen to fill in some comments:

Last modified on Nov 6, 2018

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