How to identify Workflow Diagram in JIRA database

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When a workflow is created:

  • its XML data are stored in column descriptor of table jiraworkflows, together with the workflow name and id
  • its Diagram is stored in table propertytext, referred to by column property_key of table propertyentry
  • column property_key of table propertyentry however doesn't signify which workflow it is in an easy way

This article discusses how to identify which Diagram belongs to which workflow

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JIRA uses md5 to encode the workflow names to be used in column property_key of table propertyentry. We can use md5 Hash Generator to get the md5 hashcode of a workflow.

Step-by-step guide

  1. run the following SQL query to get the md5 hashcode of a workflow based on the workflow name:

    select md5(workflowname) from jiraworkflows where workflowname = 'JIRA MD5 Workflow';

    the hashcode should be a5f6ec9e0aaa7ed764a8f1a58d4b95ab

  2. run the following query to get the Diagram (replace the hashcode accordingly):

    select, pe.property_key, pt.propertyvalue from propertyentry pe inner join propertytext pt on = where entity_name like '%workflow%' and property_key like '%a5f6ec9e0aaa7ed764a8f1a58d4b95ab';

Last modified on Nov 6, 2018

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