How to remove "For security reasons, JIRA no longer allow you to set custom paths path online" warning

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The user recently upgraded their JIRA instance from JIRA version 4.0 to JIRA version 6.x.x. Taken from Automating JIRA :

The Use Default Directory check box (not shown in screenshot above) is for legacy JIRA installations (prior to JIRA 4.2), which have backup services that use custom directories.

If you are using JIRA 5.1.0 or earlier, the Use Default Directory will always be displayed, as the option of using custom directories has been deprecated. If you are using JIRA 5.1.1 or later, the Use Default Directory check box will only be displayed if you upgraded from a version of JIRA prior to 4.2 and you are editing an existing backup service which used a custom directory.

  1. If you are not using a legacy backup service with a custom directory, select the the Use Default Directory check box. If you do not, your backup service may not work correctly.
  2. If you are using a legacy backup service with a custom directory, you can choose between using the default directory or your custom directory (cannot be edited). Note, if you choose the default directory option, you will not be able to choose the custom directory option.

The default directory location is the export subdirectory of the JIRA Home Directory.

The warning message "JIRA no longer allow you to set custom paths path online" is still visible to the user at the Edit Service screen from the System > Services page. This warning message is still shown although the user has already used the default path as shown below


JIRA is stlil using the old backup service from the older JIRA. It shows in the log files that there is a DIR_NAME pointing to the old back path under Services section of the log file.


Delete the old Back up service and add a new one. 

1. Using keyboard shortcut : 'G' + 'G' + start typing 'Services' and Enter.
2. Locate the back up service currently in used, and delete it.
3. Add a new service :

  • Name — a descriptive name for the backup service, such as Backup Service.
  • Class Click on built in services and choose backup service.
  • Delay — enter the number of minutes between backups. A good default for this would be 720 minutes (12 hours) or 1440 minutes (24 hours).
  • For the Date format field, specify the format which JIRA will use to name the individual backup files. This format can be anything that SimpleDateFormat can parse. A good default is 'yyyy-MMM-dd-HHmm', which would generate files named like this: '2007-Mar-05-1322'.

Source : Automating JIRA Backups

Last modified on Nov 2, 2018

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