How to retrieve available options for a multi-select customfield via Jira REST API

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Platform Notice: Server and Data Center Only - This article only applies to Atlassian products on the server and data center platforms.


Jira Server/Data Center REST API doesn't provide a method to simply retrieve all the options available to a multi-option custom field, except if you're trying to retrieve a specific option via it's ID (api/2/customFieldOption/id). This may be because Jira's flexibility actually makes it possible to configure different customfield contexts, and a different set of options for a custom field depending on the Custom Field context.

Being able to retrieve the options available to a multi-option customfield may be useful if you're trying to provide a value for this field when creating or editing issues via the REST API. This article provides a workaround to retrieve all customfield option data before creating or editing issues via the REST API.


The Create Issue and Edit Issue meta APIs may provide a workaround for retrieving custom field options in a specific or relevant context:

The metadata provided by either of both calls mentioned above would return a full list of all the available or editable fields for creating or editing an issue, including all the options for multi-option fields in the relevant context.

So for example if you have an issuekey of BIZ-1, you can make a curl REST call of

curl -u admin:password -X GET "http://localhost:8181/rest/api/2/issue/BIZ-1/editmeta"

In the results you can see


In this case the valid values for that field are abc, asdf, and 444.

An alternative to this endpoint is to call the GET rest/api/2/issue/{IssueKeyorId} endpoint and expand both editmeta and fields parameteres. If you use this method you need to specify which fields to look for.  For example, in Jira Server 8.18.1, you can make a REST API call such as

curl -u admin:password -X GET "http://localhost:8181/rest/api/2/issue/BIZ-1?expand=editmeta&fields=customfield_10112"

Where customfield_10112 is the id of this multiselect field. 

Running that command has an output of


Look for the "allowedValues" array to find what values are valid here.  In this case the values are abc, asdf, and 444.

The following is another sample JSON for a cascading select list, extracted from the meta data JSON object returned by any of the methods described above. It shows all the child lists and their options

"customfield_11200": {
      "required": false,
      "schema": {
        "type": "array",
        "items": "string",
        "custom": "com.atlassian.jira.plugin.system.customfieldtypes:cascadingselect",
        "customId": 11200
      "name": "cascade",
      "operations": [
      "allowedValues": [
          "self": "http://localhost:8641/rest/api/2/customFieldOption/10200",
          "value": "A",
          "id": "10200",
          "children": [
              "self": "http://localhost:8641/rest/api/2/customFieldOption/10202",
              "value": "A1",
              "id": "10202"
              "self": "http://localhost:8641/rest/api/2/customFieldOption/10203",
              "value": "A2",
              "id": "10203"
          "self": "http://localhost:8641/rest/api/2/customFieldOption/10201",
          "value": "B",
          "id": "10201",
          "children": [
              "self": "http://localhost:8641/rest/api/2/customFieldOption/10204",
              "value": "B1",
              "id": "10204"
              "self": "http://localhost:8641/rest/api/2/customFieldOption/10205",
              "value": "B2",
              "id": "10205"

Last modified on Aug 27, 2021

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