How to Translate JIRA Tooltips

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In many cases it may be needed to customize the tool tips and strings that are used JIRA as per the organization needs. The standard procedure for achieving this is documented in the article Customizing text. In addition, the In Product Translation is a great addition to quickly get the instance customized as per the specific needs.

Along with that there are additional strings that does not appear in the properties file in the default jar files for English UK and English US. This also will not be visible in the "In Product Translation" plugin. An example for such a string the Share button.


The US and UK language packs does not include all the keys that are used in code and it appears that they have default values set inside the code. So in order to find the key we need to switch over to a language pack that is has this already. To achieve this:

  1. Identify a language pack which changes the string that is displayed for the content that needs to be updated. In the above example, switching the language to French in General Configuration changes the string displayed for the Share button.
  2. Locate the jar file for that language under JIRA Home/plugins/.bundled-plugins
  3. Copy the jar file to a temporary location and extract it
  4. Do a search for the string that is displayed in JIRA so as to identify the key for the same. In the above example, the below are the keys used for Share button and the tooltip. In this example the search has to be done for Partager.

  5. Add these keys along with the value to be used as per the standard procedure documented at Customizing text to customize the strings.
Last modified on Feb 19, 2016

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