How to use LastPass with SAML single sign-on for Atlassian Data Center

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Platform notice: Server and Data Center only. This article only applies to Atlassian products on the server and data center platforms.


  1. LastPass's default template for JIRA does not work with the embedded SAML feature that comes with JIRA Data Center. 
  2. This is because this template is used for LastPass's own 

    SAML plugin for JIRA


Use a Custom Service 

  1. Select Custom Service from the list of SAML SSO integrations available. 
  2. Provide the usual configuration from our JIRA's SAML configuration page as SP Entity ID and Assertion Consumer Service
    (warning) The Next Step is important 
  3. Replace  the LastPass Launch URL even though it is already pre-populated with the value of the Custom Service SAML Support section at the bottom of the page "Saml Login URL
  4. Leave the Custom Attributes as default ( blank )
  5. Tick Service is enable
  6. Hit the Save button
  7. On JIRA , ensure that the Identity provider single sign-on URL is using the "Saml Login URL" which you copy and pasted earlier.

Last modified on Mar 22, 2018

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