Inconsistency between number of Completed Issues in the Epic Report and Issue Navigator

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The Epic Report are not showing the right number of completed Issues compared to what being shown after clicked on the "View in Issue Navigator" of that report screen.

For example : In the Completed Issues section of the Epic Report, it would be showing less numbers of Completed Issues (eg:4).

However when user click on the "View in issue navigator" link of that Epic report , it will show more number of Completed Issues(eg:14)



  • JIRA 7

Diagnostic Steps


The Board Filter automatically filters out those tasks which is are not relevant to the current sprint.


For example: The query Board Filter will includes a clause to limit the results to current sprint .

project = SUPP AND issuetype in (task, epic) AND (Sprint in openSprints() AND resolution = Unresolved) ORDER BY Rank ASC

After removed the "Sprint in openSprints() AND resolution = Unresolved" clause from the query, the user will be able to see correct number of completed Issues in the Epic Report.  

project = SUPP AND issuetype in (task, epic) ORDER BY Rank ASC



Last modified on Nov 2, 2018

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