Issue Type icons broken in JIRA e-mail notifications

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Platform notice: Server and Data Center only. This article only applies to Atlassian products on the server and data center platforms.



Any notification sent by JIRA for an issue with custom issue type will have the icon broken if that was defined to use a system avatar instead of a custom one.

The following error appears in the atlassian-jira.log everytime an e-mail notification is triggered

2015-07-30 17:12:42,234 atlassian-scheduler-quartz1.clustered_Worker-4 ERROR admin Support - Mails [atlassian.jira.avatar.AvatarManagerImpl] System Avatar not found at the following resource path: /avatars/medium_genericissue.png
2015-07-30 17:12:46,321 atlassian-scheduler-quartz1.clustered_Worker-4 WARN	 admin Support - Mails [jira.mail.util.MailAttachmentsManagerImpl] Cannot add avatar as Mail attachment for 'issue type: Issue' File not found
	at com.atlassian.jira.avatar.AvatarManagerImpl.processAvatarData(
	at com.atlassian.jira.avatar.AvatarManagerImpl.readAvatarData(


There are some avatars missing in medium size, that is the one used by JIRA's e-mail template manager, as described on the below bug report.

JRA-43997 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Workaround #1

Upload your own avatar and assign it to custom issue type. You can also re-upload same avatar from standard issue type if you want to have the same icon.

Workaround #2

According to this comment, the problem can be resolved by copying xsmall files to medium ones.

If you are on Linux, you can simply run the script we've put together (attached below) on the <JIRA_INSTALL>/atlassian-jira/classes/avatars directory (make sure you have read/write permission on the folder). This will copy all avatar with  xsmall file to  medium files


As described on the bug reported outlined above, the bug is already fixed in JIRA 7.0.2-OD release but is not fixed for JIRA Server yet.



Last modified on Mar 30, 2016

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