JIRA Issue History not Showing Changes for some Fields

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When viewing JIRA's issue history, it seems to be omitting the history of certain fields.

For example:

  • You can see that the Sprint field for an issue has been defined as "Sprint 1"
  • When checking the issue's history, there is no indication of when this value had been defined as "Sprint 1"


  1. The issue history entries had been removed from the database
  2. A third-party plugin is blocking the issue history from being displayed, for example: Field Security Plugin for JIRA


If the history has been removed from the database:

  • The only method to recover this history would be from a backup before the change was made.
  • Restoring this backup would also mean losing data between the time of backup until current day

If the history is being blocked by a third-party integration:

  1. Determine why the add-on is blocking your fields and configure it properly
  2. Or, disable/remove the add-on.
    1. In the case of the Field Security Plugin for JIRA, disabling this plugin will require a restart of JIRA to observe the changes.

In the case of JFS missing change history is generally caused by one of these:

  1. JFS patch is not applied properly to your JIRA instance (how to check: https://quisapps.com/confluence/display/JFS/Troubleshooting#Troubleshooting-EnsureJFSPatchforJIRAIsInstalled); patching is mandatory.
  2. JFS add-on state has been changed via UPM (aka Manage Add-ons) without JIRA restart. Please remember:
    • You must restart your JIRA immediately in case of any change made to the JFS state via UPM. This includes installing, enabling, disabling, upgrading, uninstalling etc. of JFS add-on
    • You also must restart JIRA immediately if you update the UPM add-on. Updating UPM causes reloading (i.e. disabling then enabling) of all user-installed plugins, including JFS, which in turn requires a JIRA restart.

Last modified on Sep 27, 2022

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