Missing Guideline in the Burndown Chart

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The guideline is missing in the Jira Software Burndown chart.


Cause A: Issues not estimated or added at start of Sprint

This is an expected behavior

  • if the sprint was started before assigning any tasks to the sprint. Hence the guideline is created as 0.
  • if the sprint was started with issues that had no estimation values configured, and the estimation values were added after the sprint was started. 
  • if the issues had a release date earlier than the start of the sprint; they will therefore show up as "Issue added to sprint after start time" and the guideline won't load correctly. 

Cause B: Start time of the Sprint before System Time

If you set the start time of the Sprint to a past time, the guideline might load incorrect.  When checking the current start date, you will need to keep also a look at the timezone. If the Jira instance is set to a different timezone, than the one of your team. Please check the timezone in your user profile and ensure, that it is set correctly.


Cause A

Close the current sprint, re-create a new sprint and make sure to associate the task before starting the sprint. Ensure you have estimation values added before the start of the sprint, and ensure the issues don't have release dates earlier than the start of the sprint. 

Cause B

You can edit the Sprint Start date using the Edit Sprint option on the backlog page. Set the Sprint Date to the correct time.

Last modified on Jul 18, 2022

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