Rich Text Editor administration screen shows conflict with Wiki Renderer Macros Plugin

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Administration -> System -> Rich Text Editor  shows "Warning: conflicting plugins detected" and lists "Wiki Renderer Macros Plugin" as the cause:

After either:

  • Upgrading from pre 7.2 to a 7.2+
  • Enabling the html module of the Wiki Renderer Macros Plugin on 7.2+


The Rich Text Editor does not support the html macro from the Wiki Renderer Macros Plugin.  If the html module is enabled this warning will be displayed.


You can continue to use the html macro, however it will not render on the the Visual tab provided by the Rich Text Editor like other macros:

It will however render properly once posted:


To remove this warning, you must disable the html module in the Wiki Renderer Macros Plugin.


Disabling the html macro will prevent JIRA from rendering the html macro for any text fields on all issues and comments, even ones that were created before the macro was disabled.

If you make use of the html macro or have in the past, it is best to leave it enabled as users may unexpectedly see issues with the rendering of existing issues/comments.

  1. Navigate to Administration -> Add-ons -> Manage Add-ons
  2. From the drop down list choose "System" and search for "Wiki"
  3. Click on Wiki Renderer Macros Plugin to show details
  4. Click on the "+ 8 of 8 modules enabled" to expand the list of modules
  5. Find the html module in the list, it should be at the end
  6. Hover over the html item in the list with your mouse, a disable button should appear:
  7. Click the disable button for the html module
  8. The html module should now show to be disabled:

Last modified on Jan 3, 2023

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