Unable to set Issue Type when creating/editing issues in Jira server

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  1. Unable to change Issue Type when editing issues
  2. Below the Issue Type one of the following notes appear: Some issue types are unavailable due to incompatible field configuration and/or workflow associations; or There are no issue types with compatible field configuration and/or workflow associations.The issue type can only be changed by moving this issue.
  3. The first note can also be shown at the issue creation screen.


  1. It is possible that there is a different 'Field Configuration' set for different Issue types. Eg. There could be hidden Custom Fields on a particular Field configuration which are not available on the Field configuration for another Issue Type. In that case, JIRA would not allow editing the issue and/or switching to another Issue Type.
  2. It could also be that there are different workflow steps associated with different Issue Types. Eg. when you create an Issue Type 'Bug', with a status 'New', which may not be recognized by the workflow for another Issue type 'Task'. This also explains why JIRA does not allow switching Issue Type considering the new issue status and mapping of fields/statuses. 
  3. JIRA only allows changing the Issue Type if the workflow and field configurations are the same.


  • Use the "Move" action, and select the same project name. This will prompt if there is anything that needs to change due to the incompatibilities.

  • Update the Field configuration for the related Issue Types and have the same workflows associated with them.

As a side note you might be able to fix the issue by referring to How To Remove the Message 'Some issue types are unavailable due to incompatible field configuration and/or workflow associations.' from Edit Issue Screen, but it can be a fix for other languages as the mapping to string are different for other languages. 

Last modified on May 11, 2022

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