Wrong email sender displayed in notifications from JIRA

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When users receive email notifications from JIRA, they see incorrect message senders in their email clients. A user shown as the sender in inbox list isn't the same one that performed the action that triggered the notification.


The mail server configured for the user receiving JIRA notifications is Office 365 Microsoft Exchange mail server.

To verify whether JIRA is sending the correct information in the notifications, view the email message header and check on the From field. The expected field value is "User Full Name <jira@yourjirainstance.com>", where the Full Name belongs to the user that triggered the notification. If JIRA sends the correct information in the From field, but mail clients display a different name as the sender, it's the mail server that modifies the sender details.  


An issue in the Microsoft Exchange server's role-based access control (RBAC) causes the incorrect sender recognition.

Other potential causes:

  • Configuration related to (wrong in listings, correct in detail view) in Exchange implementation like Apple Mail.
  • Problem with Outlook 2016 (regardless of OS) und Exchange for users of the same AD in which the system sender e-mail-address is known.


  • Use the Outlook Mail Client or Mozilla Thunderbird - they bypass some of the Exchange settings.
  • Configure your mail client to use IMAP.


Contact your Microsoft Exchange administrator and/or Microsoft Support to confirm the root cause of the issue and apply fixes as needed. Please note that Atlassian Support cannot help with Microsoft Exchange issues, however, we will be happy to provide assistance regarding JIRA where needed.

Last modified on Jun 23, 2017

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